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I need help fast!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by erica788, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Ok, I have a drug test coming up in the next few hours and I've diluted my pee too much. The b12 isn't turning my pee yellow so I'm planning on adding a drop of food coloring to my pee just because I don't want them to be suspicious of my clear piss. Will this work or will they be able to detect the food coloring? This is a pre-employment drug test if that make a difference.
  2. Dude, who knows, maybe you just drink a lot of water. My piss is clear often, and not because I've been flushing my system. Haven't had experience with urine tests, but I don't think the color will matter. Plus, the way they know if you flushed or not is the amount of adulterants in the piss cup, like from thoses drug test passing kits you buy. Good luck.
  3. QUICK DRINK MORE WATER. lol nothing you can do about having a clean system sept get it dirty.
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    Do you have a friend that doesn't smoke???

    You will probably not pass after adding food coloring to your urin, If you have a friend and a pill bottle, get your friend to piss in the bottle get a hot hands from walmart and ace bandage that shit to your leg. Its not suprivised because you're not a criminal, so you will be free to walk in pour your friends piss in the cup and walk out...
  5. yeah actually on a serious note if it comes in clear they usually suspect that you tried to flush and even if you pass you lose. get a friend to put it in a ziplock or something.

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