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i need help fast please

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by johneym1, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. my 2 auto bubblicious were 34 days old the other day and still not sexing so i put them on12/12 in stead of 18/6 now two days later as in to day they are now sexing shall i carry on with 12/12 or can i put them back on 18/6 now they are sexing dont fore get they meant to be autos..i kneed to know Wat to do with in the next few hours please:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  2. Autos will flower under most any lighting schedule. You should be fine.

  3. Calm down buddy! First things first. This is very simple. What you should now do is grab your nearest smoking utensil, whether it be a pipe, bong etc... Next proceed to load the bowl on your devise with some of the stankiest ganj you can get your little fingers on. Light up now and chill out cause your growing autos bro. No need to stress but i would just leave em on 12/12.
  4. Leave them lights on as much as possible. 24/0 if possible.
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    if i put them back to 18 /6 wont they keep on flowerin because be for i put them on 12/12 they were 33days old and they should of been sexing by then my other 60 day wonder is 2week younger and thats been sexing fore 13 days now that's why i put them on 12/12 now they are sexing will they keep on flowering or stop again if i put them on back 16/8?? because i thought autos need 18[6 or 24/0 light schedule not 12/12
  6. You should be fine.

  7. so ur saying if i put them back to 18/6 they will keep flowering because thats wat i wanf them to do?

  8. do what you like bro... they flower no matter what. as long as theres at least 12hrs light.
  9. BEEN FOLLOWING YOUR 60 DAY WONDER GROW FOR AWHILE.... After reading up and calling DNA the best answer i have is 18/6 is fine [faster growth] but 12/12 will get the job done also--- do not go back to 24/0 will potentially hermie the ladies
  10. I had a bubblelicious from nirvana that didn't auto, I don't think it ever was an auto. There's been like 5 other people that couldn't get em to auto. Look in the indoor grow journals, smurfybh has a 1000w that couldn't auto. I actually cloned min and have 1 flowering @ 8 weeks now and the clone has vegged for 4 weeks now. Which you can't clone autos supossedly..... I'd rather not have autos anyway.

    you should veg em longer if you can space wise. If you need em short, flower it. It'll double in strech in flower

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