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  1. OK im NEW to weed and i wanna know if anyone could expain all this shit to me!!!!
    I know some of u people wont help but if u could that would be great!!!!!
    so HELP!!!
    im me on yahoo messenger at AshHole_SmackStoner_66

    please im me ASAP!
    or respond!!!

  2. ask away!! i'd be happy to help u out !
  3. yeah kid you gotta state your probs first before we can help ya know
  4. well....
    im just not together tonight..........
    well anyone live in minnesota??
    cuz i live here.......
    well i wanna know all about anything about weed........
    but i also made a bong though cuz i just started to smoke.....
    but i havent got the weed yet so....
    anyone got any ideas for what kind and how much i should get......
    anyhting u can say about weed would help!!!!!
    LOVE ASHHOLE!!!!!!
  5. You sound eager to toke up. :)
    I remember those newb days. *sigh*
    My first bong was a dry bong [only because I was too f***ed up at the time to remember to add the water pipe]. I made it out of this water bottle, and one of those screen bowls you use to scoop speghetti with. :) lol. Her name was Bula.
    The only problem with those home-made bongs is that they usually fall to shit after awhile. Maybe go to a head shop and purchase a pocket pipe [$10-ish]?
    If you havent bought weed yet, you should check out pricing. I suggest you buy an eighth your first time, unless you know the person who is dealing to you. That way, if you get ripped off, at least it wasn't an ounce! :D lol. An eighth runs here [in Wisconsin] anywhere from $20-$30. Then again, we ARE a farming state, so y'know... well, prices may vary. :) Ask around. Im sure you've got some nice stoner friends who can help you out.

    Goodluck, and dont be shy!

  6. yeah yo sorry i didnt get your pm until today.....ha ha it sounds like you did a few lines LOL....and now you are eager to smoke....anyways sorry about not responding......peaceeeeeeeeee

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