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  1. I have 4 plants, I just recently transferred them to Sunshine Mix #4 after having them veg in MG Organic( I DO NOT RECOMMEND MG TO ANYONE!), after having the MG eventually start giving me deficiency problems, I got the SM#4. I gave them each a flush to get rid of anything bad from the Organic soil, and then put them into the new soil the next day. I have now been noticing an increasing yellowing progressing up the plants, as well as rust color spots and blackening on some leaves. I took a couple pics of my worst looking plant in hopes someone can help me out. I also gave them a weak feeding with David's Grow-Grow and David's Grow Base as instructed by the guy from Brew and Grow, as in 1/2 teaspoon per gallon as opposed to full strength. They are growing under 250w HPS as well as 6x26w CFL's. The new growth on the top of the plants looks beautiful, but the older foilage is taking damage, I also just sprayed them last night with Safer Tomato Insecticidal spray because I have problems with gnats as well as thrips. I almost forgot, the leaves tips are also curling upwards, I checked the PH with a probe analyzer and it read around 6.8 or so.

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  2. imo, as long as the new growth is coming as it should be and not 'taking any damage,' you should be in the clear.

    have any thrivealive or superthrive? i find that this product helps whenevver i have a problem/rez change/tranplant. i swear by it!
  3. No, I don't have any superthrive, I was really just wondering what is causing these (what I think) are deficiencies. I've seen other people's grow journals and their plants stay fully nice and green throughout the grow. I want to know why mine aren't.
  4. If it means anything my plants arnt all full perfect leave green either. But they are growing healthy. And when they were smaller like yours they lookd the same.

    Just make sure pH level is good, and if not using organic nutes, to go at 1/2 strength or youll chem burn them. I use full strength on my organic nutes.
  5. Yeah well after checking on them today I'm even more worried, I think one of them isn't going to make it, though I'm not giving up on it because it still does have green foilage. Here are today's pics. As you can see, the leaves tips are curled upwards, the leaves themselves are browning and yellowing, and their are also the brown specks on leaves. I took pics of my worst looking plant, but the rest of them are started to look exactly like this one started out as. I'm not sure if they vegged in the MG Organic for just too long or what. I'm almost afraid to give my remaining plants even 1/2 strength nutes because I don't want this to happen to them. Overnight it's like things just get 10x worse. I may even switch to distilled water, if I can afford it.

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  6. You're doing too many things at once...transplanting, spraying them, adding nutes, there's a changing ph from the new mix...

    They look a little over watered to me...
  7. I got one of those simple ph test kits from Ace hardware today, and wow was I shocked at the ph level on my plants. Some were too high, others were too low, I'm now going to let them rest for a week or two after the watering I gave them today, I put in 1/2 tsp of Aluminum Sulfate per gallon, I only gave the two that I watered most recently 1/2 to 3/4 gal of water and gave the other two 1 gal each. So hopefully in a couple weeks I can finally start flowering. I guess the soil was just getting ph'd lockout and none of the available nutrients were getting into the plants well enough. The leaves curling upwards and multiple deficiencies should have tipped me off to that sooner I guess.

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