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  1. Hey guys, this is the situation, I've been married for about ten years and I'm no longer in love with my husband, I actually loathe him!!! He was accused of doing some really fucked up stuff and because of it he has been on probation for several years, the shit he was accused of is so bad, that I'm ashamed to tell anyone. I want a divorce but if I leave I have no place to go. My parents are both dead and the little family I have left all have their own problems and are scattered throughout the country. Also I can't afford my own place because I'm on social security and have several bills to pay. I feel so trapped and feel there's no way out. At times I just want to off myself. I have explored every avenue and I have come up with nothing. I'm so depressed and I don't know what to do. It's to the point where I dread when he comes home from work. And when I'm around him he makes me sick, I don't even talk to him I just ignore him. I tried to find work off the books with no luck. If I work a job on the books I'll lose my medical insurance and I really need them because I have a disability. PLEASE GOD HELP ME!!!! I'm trapped with no way out. I'm so miserable and I can't go on like this, like I said earlier the only way I can be free is to off myself, that's how miserable I am.

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  2. talk to him. going thru a similar situation. if he doesn't want to make the effort to change, then you have no choice but to move on. it will suck and be difficult, but if that is what's best for you, then you gotta do it. stop the suicide thinking, don't let him get off that easy. do better for yourself and make him envious that he fucked it up ;)
    hope everything turns out alright for you in the end
  3. Get you a seperate bank account, or prepaid debit card. Every time you go to the store or pay a bill set the change or a few dollars aside in your account. It only takes a few k to find a cheap mobile home in most communities. It may not be tomorrow but you can get out.
  4. My buddy Walt found a good way to make money off the books. He became a private chef for a lot of higher up people and he made 80 million dollars in just a little over a year. I dont know if your good at cooking but if you are, think it over
  5. @[member="dank48"] Where ever you are in life it should never result in suicide. If you are so depressed now then moving out, and on with your life can't hurt any more. There is always a way out of these bad situations that life puts you in, so try to find it, somehow. Finally think of the future as something positive, something new. 
    "Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
  6. Have more sex with him. You'd be surprised at how much sexual tension between couples can cause troubles in their marriage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @[member="Jim Fear"] It's not a joke, so stop trying to be funny.
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    First, don't blame yourself.  Bad relationships and no money -- that has made many of us feel trapped.
    Second, get out. Go to the authorties and ask for help, don't be ashamed, Just tell them you are scared and not sure what to do and would appreciate any help or advice the community has to offer.
    Third, start over. Start fresh. Talk to everyone about this, I mean everyone, soon you'll have not just many people but many friends thinking of ways to help. Someone somewhere has at least a spare room and someone else somewhere has at least a job connection and in the meantime you are rebuilding and not trapped with an asshole.
    Best of luck and hang in there.
  9. You cant afford monthly stays in a shitty hotel room even? If not, do you have friends thatd let you stay with them to get stable? Would any of the family?
  10. uh oh how come shes not posting back
    i dont know if this will help
    i find jobs in different towns and sleep in a tent
    but i dont know how disabled u are
  11. I want to thank everyone that has given me advice. It shows that people care , even if we don't really know each other. I have no place to go because I live on social security and the family members that are left are scattered across the country and they don't have any extra rooms and are having financial difficulties. Also I have no friends because I had to distance myself from them. They are all addicted to heroin and painkillers and I've been clean now for 3yrs.(except weed) I used to be that person sticking needles in my arms and popping painkillers like they were candy. I have tried looking for a job off the books with no luck. That's why I feel so trapped. If I had a place to go I would ask for divorce and sue him for alimony.

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  12. To mrAmazing, I wouldn't have sex with him, even if you paid me. I know I posted this before and I don't know where the post went. I'm ashamed to say this but I'm going to spill the beans. The reason he's on probation is he was accused of looking at child porn. So he is a peda file and to top it off while he's been on probation he was served a order of protection from some girl. All this happened several years into the marriage. So basically I'm married to a peda file. I wish I had a crystal ball and could see into the future, I would of never have married him if I knew what was going to happen. Every time I look at him he makes me sick. He also made up a bunch of elaborate lies to cover his ads. Being he was already on probation when he got served with order of protection he had to wear one of those things that goes around his ankle. I'm ashamed that I'm even his wife. If I only knew what the future was going to hold, I would have never have married him. So know I hope you have a better understanding of what's going on!!!!!

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  13. Save up some dough, and hire Chris Hansen and the dateline crew to catch your child diddling husband in the act.
    Once you hear Chris Hansen utter a few small words in "why don't you take a seat over there" then you're pedo husand is going away to the big house for a while to get his butthole sodomized by burly black men.
  14. Fucking kiddie diddlers... just cut his balls off and be done with him. Im sorry you're stuck in that situation, im sure those are good ground for a solid divorce...Sent from my LG-VM696 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. Why don't you find a place that's based on income? Google low income housing and they should be able to help you out. I live in a poor town and there are a ton of apartments just for low income people. HUD waiting list here is about 2 years long but there are other housi
  16. try to find a roommate or two, i dont know how much ss and disability pays you but im sure with one or atleast 2 people you could find an apartment somewhere.
  17. To Birdlives, That's easier said than done. I actually should just poison his ass., then I'll be free. With my luck I'll wind up in jail. I don't want much from life, just to be happy, I'm a good person, I don't deserve this shit. Like I said all I want from life is to be happy.

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  18. Places that aren't attached to HUD that could probably help you out.

    You could even try Craigslist. Some places rent rooms for a couple hundred a month. It's not ideal but better than living with that freak.

    I really don't understand why he's not in prison. Our justice system is so fucked.

    It's disappointing.
  19. If you want to be happy, you have to TRY. Happiness doesn't find you. Sometimes it does but mostly you have to work really hard to find it.
  20. To Emma&Dave, That's exactly what I thought, I definitely have good grounds for a divorce.

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