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  1. Hey guys, this is the situation, I've been married for about ten years and I'm no longer in love with my husband, I actually loathe him!!! He was accused of doing some really fucked up stuff and because of it he has been on probation for several years, the shit he was accused of is so bad, that I'm ashamed to tell anyone. I want a divorce but if I leave I have no place to go. My parents are both dead and the little family I have left all have their own problems and are scattered throughout the country. Also I can't afford my own place because I'm on social security and have several bills to pay. I feel so trapped and feel there's no way out. At times I just want to off myself. I have explored every avenue and I have come up with nothing. I'm so depressed and I don't know what to do. It's to the point where I dread when he comes home from work. And when I'm around him he makes me sick, I don't even talk to him I just ignore him. I tried to find work off the books with no luck. If I work a job on the books I'll lose my medical insurance and I really need them because I have a disability. PLEASE GOD HELP ME!!!! I'm trapped with no way out. I'm so miserable and I can't go on like this, like I said earlier the only way I can be free is to off myself, that's how miserable I am.

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  2. Your life can't be that bad. Married for 10 years? You must be an adult, grow up. Be mature and leave. If you don't love him anymore then you don't. If your scared he's going to try something when you split, tell the cops, with his previous background they'll have no other choice then to watch over you.

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  4. posted in ur other thread, figured i'd paste it here as well...
    talk to him. going thru a similar situation. if he doesn't want to make the effort to change, then you have no choice but to move on. it will suck and be difficult, but if that is what's best for you, then you gotta do it. stop the suicide thinking, don't let him get off that easy. do better for yourself and make him envious that he fucked it up ;)
    hope everything turns out alright for you in the end
  5. I'm sorry that this thread was made twice. My bad, when I made it I was crying, I'm really sorry guys.

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  6. It's past the point of talking to him. Let's put it this way, he's a peda file, that's why he's on probation. He had a very elaborate excuse as to what happened and that he was falsely accused. On top of that he was served a order of protection. Apparently he was harassing some girl. Being he was already on probation when he got served with order of protection, he had to wear one of those things around his ankle.

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  7. I'm so ashamed of him, I feel dirty and disgusted that I'm even married to him. All this stuff happened after we were married.

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    Not to be harsh but you should be talking to a counselor.   An internet forum isn't the best place for this.  You should have a clinic in your area that is covered by your insurance with a behavioral health department.  Around here it's Presbyterian Medical Services.  Look in the phone book or online and make a call.  
    By the way, you can work and keep your disability. You're allowed up to so many hours and up to a certain income limit.  It varies from state to state.  You should have a packet that explains all this.  If not, go online to the government website for your state and it should tell you what's allowed.  Also, with the Affordable Care Act you should be in the income level that receives subsidies for your medical insurance.  You could have better insurance than you have now.   You don't have to worry about losing your insurance anymore.  Preexisting conditions can no longer be rejected and all insurance companies have to follow a  higher standard for services provided.   
    Instead of feeling helpless and stuck be productive and get yourself out of that situation.  You're the only one that can do it.  If the situation is that intolerable then do something about it.   Find a clinic that your insurance covers and get to a counselor,  call or go online and find out work allowances for your disability, And finally, look into low income housing for yourself (I know it sounds bad but it will get you away from him).
    You have a way out.  It's going to take effort and time on your part.  There's an old saying that people won't change until the pain of the problem overcomes the pain of the solution.  It's up to you to decide if you've reached that point yet.  

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