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I need help building a new grow box.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by fearandregret, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. I'm currently using an old dresser, with these dimensions.

    height 3 ft 4 inches.
    length 2 ft 6 inches.
    width 1 ft 6 inches.

    I know I want to use an HPS light, and I have a 400 watt one.
    Would it be alright to use this in such a confined grow space?
    Also what is the best cheap way to ventilate my grow box?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. wow, 400w hps. for 5sq feet?
    thats a lot of heat to vent out cheaply. you might be able to pick up some more fitting cfl's (100-200w) cheaper than fans and venting. you could also pick up like a 150w hps grow light with mh conversion bulbs for the hight yeild your lookin for.

    do some searching online because 400w is A LOT of heat in that space.

    take care and keep it :Dgreen!
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    It can and will be done. I am also working with an old dresser very similar in dimensions and I will be succeeding very soon. I am not positive but what I think you will need is a enclosed air cooled hood as well as your hardcore exhaust. You are gonna need extremely beefy fans(wont be cheap though). Currently I have a 6 inch inductor fan pumping 250CFM for my air cooled hood(not hooked up) and I will be using a similar fan to vent the actual box. Ive spent over 200 venting my box(with the new hood). I am at a stand still because I am waiting to cut holes for my new air cooled hood. But I think it should be manageable but I am not a pro, but I am not gonna give up until I get this beast up and going. Something I may consider doing but I am not sure if its a good idea is thermal wrapping the outside of my hood to hopefully seal more of the heat in my enclosed lamp. Another suggestion is to hang another fan from your lamp blowing across the surface of the glass. PS buy sunglasses for that box haha
  4. If your really dead set about putting an HPS in there, get a cool tube or build your own and hook up a fan dedicated to venting it.

    what about veg? im assuming ur using CFLS

    remember the CFLS can get nice and close because they stay relatively cool and the closer you get the light the more lumens you get on the plants.
  5. So, if I wanted to use CFLS instead, about how many would I need for that amount of space, and growing 1 to 2 plants?
  6. If you're only growing some short plants you could possibly consider the usage of a T-5 fixture, they come in 2 foot, with up to 8 bulbs. I use them for vegging my plants and it works wonderfully for plants within a vertical penetration range of about 1 - 1.5 feet.
  7. always the more the better,

    but if you can fit a 2' T5 High Output fixture and attach it by a chain to raise and lower it, that would be ideal.

    if you search the boards there is a thread with all of these specifications, i think it is called the charts thread

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