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I need help building a grow box

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by norcal209, May 19, 2011.

  1. Im trying to build my own grow box for around 50 dollars. Is tht even possible? If it is hook me up with some ideas and let me know wat i need to make it
  2. 50 dollars?

    find some reclaimed wood and build your own, your only out the cost of screws and time...

    I would never suggest doing this, but use a cardboard box... as far as im concerned its a total fire hazard, but the ignition temp is suppose to be very high and has been argued on this site several times...and a few growers have posted pics using cardboard and being very successful

    I would monitor temps very closely and have a fire extinguisher very handy... maybe consider lining the inside with Mylar... it has a fire retardant properties and is very reflective...

    just some options... good luck... and please start a journal...
  3. well start out with cfl bulbs,pretty cheap and compact.
    get some mylar to put on the walls on whatever youre growing in.
    buy a timer so you can keep the lights on for 18+ hours a day without worrying.
  4. Thank you ill try that

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