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  1. I've got an outdoor plant and it's in a corn field but the farmer is going to harvest pretty soon it's about 4 foot and it's started to flower I've got a place to move it too will it survive I was thinking of moving it over the weekend because the weather is cooling down any suggestions?
  2. Bring a shovel .
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  3. Wrap in burlap and keep root ball moist. Project it.
  4. Just about the same thing happened to me two days ago. Had to move four plants that were about to be discovered. Kinda rushed, made somewhat of a mess of things, but they are all- so far- surviving.
    Carefully dig up plant, getting the entire root ball. Protect the roots; keep the root ball intact. Get it in the ground ASAP and water in well. Don't feed for a few days, and then only lightly for few days after that. Should be OK. Oh and be careful not to break a stem, they're very fragile.
  5. It'll be fine. Just male sure you get as much of the root ball as possible. I'd grab a few ears of fresh corn too just for the trouble. Lol jk. Buy the corn. But yeah you'll be ok...

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