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  1. this is my first grow and i dont know what to do??!?!?! I'm using an aerogarden and it is 3 weeks old and i have just used water so far. i was About to add nutrients last night and noticed these yellow and small brown spots... can anyone help me please....  


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  2. It's probably a CaMg deficiency...  Looks like you need to feed it and make sure you get micros too.
  3. Man that's tiny for 3 weeks. Dont know nothing about aerogarden sorry can't help with that

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  4. unrelated to the brown spots, you need to add light
  5. @[member="redbaroninfo"]
    start feeding it. my first grow was aero garden, neat little things. what light cycle are you on? 
  6. Light cycle is tomato.... Which one should i be on? Lights turn on from 6am-9pm... What should i do?

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