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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by White Buddha, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. If you thought I was being sarcastic, I'm never sarcastic.

    edit: Especially ONLINE when noone can hear the tone of voice you're speaking with..
  2. I'm glad you dodged that bullet! I was really crossing fingers for you, man. Lol. Lets hope everything is good for next month!
  3. Well your response to him did seem rather sarcastic to me at least, especially with the smiley face at the end.

    Just my two cents.
  4. sweet u are good. dont fuck it up
  5. Sav it out and fail your drug test. Its notthat bad. I failed over 20 and im till free!!
  6. chug some water and grab some pectin bro, about all i can say

  7. How is OP possibly angry before even making a thread?
  8. Thank god bro. I'm on F probation and I know your pain I've failed twice for thc now just Being AROUND my friends smoking a bowl and once after I went to a Mac miller concert. If I fail one more test in locked up for a long while. The funny thing is I've been clean for atleast 9 months now. I'm glad u didn't get fucked. I've learned no drugs are worth our freedom what so ever. After being locked up that shit really hits home. I wish you the best of luck brother, stay clean and stay strong. Just get that Oz when you are off ;)
  9. He's mad at himself because he knows it was not a good idea to smoke all that time. He was regretting it and displacing his anger.
  10. Niacin worked for my friend i have proof. Do it. 4 pills 4 hours brfore the Test 2 every 2 hrs

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