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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by White Buddha, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Omg, I'm more anxious than you. I'm really pulling for you!! Good luck!!

  2. water....for just a few pees...then the thc levels will go up....keep drinking water
  3. Dang, I can't imagine what it might feel like to be in your position. Don't drink tooo much water,
    you might lose too much sodium and end up having arrythmias I may think.. or even fainting.
    All the best to you, good luck!!!
  4. 30 minutes left. I will be back with the results!
  5. Crazy thing is I just had got a call from my probation officer this morning, saying I have to come see him in 2 weeks. Mind you most say priorities and what not. I have been on probation for almost 2 years now this is the 1st time he ever has got in contact with me I've even tried to call him before while I wasn't smoking. Either way now I'm nervous and best of luck to you I really hope you do pass. Because your days = my weeks and I if I pass this test I will be bumped to "no report" which is I don't have to report at all to my P.O which is already how it's been he suddenly wants to do his job one time and figures I been smoking since December on my birthday like a dumbass. But please do let us know how everything went I'm curious as to if this all works or is it a myth.
  6. Everyone pray for White Buddha, he's pissing at this very moment!
  7. he died of intoxication?
  8. No, he's pissing
  9. Lets hope he passes!
  10. hes probally going to hes cell right now lol
  11. Anyway your best bet is to not do such stupid shit like this

    I hope smoking all those times was worth it
  12. The Lord has answered my prayers..I was not tested today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To those that want to know if you can pass a strip in a cup test 3 days after is possible, I have done it before, but its a BIG risk and I will never again,...never never never again put myself and my freedom at risk like this. Merciful is the Lord.

    I went into the probation office and after 5 minutes, she tells me there's no drug test today. I pee'd for literally 2 minutes straight after that. Never felt such a stream of pleasurable sensation. Next random UA is next month, I don't know about you guys but this has been the most stressful and suspenseful week of my life.

    Thanks again for the support and kindness. I know its a bummer you guys didn't get to hear the results..but for me..this is like a second chance from God :)
  13. So you gonna smoke for the next month and then post a thread just like this in 28 days?

    Be smart and don't smoke. Its not worth fucking up and getting even further into the system
  14. Mystery, where in my last post did I say I was going to smoke for the next month? Stop trying to scold me man, I'm just happy nothing happened. This morning was brutal though, chugging over 250 fluid ounces of different kinds of liquids. I'm still pissing every 15 minutes.
  15. It's like that scene from Horrible Bosses when they hire that guy who does "wet work" lol.

    Glad to hear an important life lesson was learned today. Praying for others really works.
    Hallelujah! white buddha has been touched by the hand of.. Buddha?
  16. See the ? mark at the end of that statement? (like this one too)

    Its called a question. I asked you a question.

    The point is something could have happened because you decided to smoke all last month even though you know your on probation

    Sometimes the truth is hard to hear
  17. Haha yeah I see, my bad man. You're right and I'm grateful for how much you care about me :)
  18. Fine dude smoke and fail your drug test.

    I'm trying to pass on some advice to you but whatever. Get your probabtion extended. Become known to the local PD as that kid who can't pass a drug test while on probabtion.
  19. FLAME WARS..
    Think ill hit the vape and pass it around

  20. What? Why are you trynna start shit? I just thanked you for your advice and now you're saying some bitch-made shit.

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