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  1. I went to check on my G13 plant and it was on its side. Now its turning brown. I have it in fox farm soil and two 25w bulbs
  2. Well i no nothing about growing but i think you dont have enough light
  3. Got pics? Most likely stretched too much from lack of light and fell over. If its turning brown, chances are its dead.
  4. OMG! lol Sorry to hear, but we need more info in order to help you.

    How old is the plant?

    If it was a fresh seedling, then the answer is, you FRIED your little seedling. FFOF is way too hot and killed it. If it was a clone then you should have waited 2 wks for well established roots. from seed I would wait till week 3 to transplant into FFOF. Happy Frog is for seedlings and fresh clones.

    You need some Happy Frog, or Light warrior soil, you might get away with using ORGANIC miracle grow POTTING soil (it has almost nothing in it to burn ur plants) FLUSH THOROUGHLY with PURIFIED water use twice the amount you usually water so that it flushed all down the bottom, flush well. TRANSPLANT into HF or LW or MG organic soil and cross your fingers for the best.

    If its on its side and dead then that might be all she wrote....pop another seed....
  5. Sounds like too much stretch. And too many nutrients.

    We need more info!
  6. I accidently posted this twice. on the other thread I posted there is pictures!
  7. The ffof is a little hot, but I have had nothing but great results overall and put my starter plugs directly into the ffof the day plants sprout. I guess some strains are more susceptible to burn, but I ve seen about ten different strains and they have all not only lived but have explosive growth. Odds are it wasnt the ffof, but pics would tell.
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    [quote name='"WickedWest"']I accidently posted this twice. on the other thread I posted there is pictures![/quote]

    It is definitely stretched and appears to be over watered as well. What type of grow area is it in, and what are the temps?

    Fill that cup up with a bit more soil to support the stem, you can bury it up to the first leaves if need be. Then make sure the soil dries out well before watering again. Move your lights closer, or it will just stretch again.
  9. Ok I got it closer to the bulbs and put more dirt thanks for the help man

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