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I need help asap like for real!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by piri13, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Yo i need help on my weed it got wet last night while it was hunged up in the tree been 2 days today would be 3 but it got wet, it was harvest already but is it still good cause of the rain that got on it? Not alot got on it but is it still good to go still or no?
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  2. You should be fine just watch for mold and keep drying it
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  3. that mold will kill you
    hang it up to dry. maybe get a fan to circulate the air
    is the humidity high? that will effect the drying also
  4. Its drying outside in a tree is that cool? The buds smell different hope it makes it

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  5. 81 degrees outside Humidity 64%
    Dew point 64°F
    Pressure 30inHG
    UV index moderate, 5
    Visibility 10mi
    Wind is 10 mph

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  6. Is that good? Will my harvest make it ? It only rained last night I hope it doesn't kill my babyss

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  7. Why did you have weed outside in a tree? You sound like your 14 you have to be 18 to use GC billy.
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  8. Why would you hang your bud in a tree to dry it?

    Dried indoors out of direct sunlight.
    70 degrees Fahrenheit
    70% humidity
    7 days.
    These are ideal conditions.

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