i need help and info

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  1. hey was up i never grew a plant befor but i want to so if you have any info for me just e-mail or some shit my email adress is

    keep smoking,
    Reffer Nugget 420
  2. You want help and info eh? would you like a red carpet rolled out for you also? perhaps we will throw little buds at you while walking down it? you want info and help, get on this site, look around the internet, pick up a book and use what you learned in kindergarten...that is to say.. READ and THEN if you havent gotten as far as planting a seed in about a half an hours worth of reading using JUST the posts on this site. (which would be pretty amazing) ask for help in a SPECIFIC question, Ive found it has and is working well for me thus far. anyway....just a suggestion.


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