I need help and advice to improve my first grow

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Needtrees, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Its 1000 watts
  2. do you have any ventilation? i dont see any and thats an absolute must have
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  3. Rule 1: Move the ballast onto the wall and above your waist

    Rule 2: Move and store water under the plant bench

    that said I'd be painting the walls flat matt white, or pin up a screen

    the light has a rectangular foot print ..so fit them plants to it

    temp gauge is a must, locate the fan to a foot above the plants on the wall

    above all.. ask your self why you are using an hps on those seedlings ...?

    good luck
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  4. I have the doors open with 3 fans blowing. But It's my first time growing. I just need advice

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  5. Looks like you could get away with a T5 in there for most of veg and a much smaller light to flower with, like a 250/400 watt MH/HPS combo light. You're likely going to have temp problems throughout the grow if you don't get some serious ventilation. Like vostok said you don't need that much light for those babies. Waste of electricity and so much heat. I'd ditch that light for now and get a T5. I have a little 2 ft 8 bulb T5 that works great for seedlings and my mother. I prefer it over my 400 watt MH because it runs much cooler and draws less. I'd also look into some oscillating fans for inside the grow space.

    I grow mothers and clones in a small closet with that little T5 and a cheapo fan to move some air. My flower setup is a 1000 watt setup in a 4x4 tent with 2 big inline fans for exhaust and a passive intake, along with an oscillating tower fan inside.
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  6. That ballast and hood seems way small, are you sure that's a 1000watter?

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  7. what drivers use to cover their windscreens from the sun or similar

    good luck
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  8. You need an exhaust fan if that lights coolable hook it up to one side of the light and leave the other end open.
  9. [​IMG]

    This is what I've done since then

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  10. That looks really good!

    I'd paint it flat white

    but you still got the ballast on the floor, sitting even of a brick/block/soapbox is good

    not all the growers make it

    one of my buddies has a similar grow, he counter weighted the hood to raise or lower at will...

    made life easier, as will relocating the power outlet

    good luck
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  11. Not to sound rude, but before you pop any more seeds please read a grow bible or search on here for beginner grow guides. First off, Switch your lighting to a cooler daylight bulb (blue spectrum preferably). Either paint the floor/walls matte white or put up reflective material as well. Happy smoking

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  12. Is there an inline fan in your exhaust line on the right side of the hood? cant tell

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