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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by redneckgrower420, May 27, 2013.

  1. so today i noticed that my week old pot plant was starting to yellow just a bit at the tip of the leaves. so i trimmed it. then i went to water and it smelled funky as fuck at the bottom so i transplanted her and now have her underneath CFLS. what did i do wrong? i watered it everyother day i know i fucked up there. and the new soil shes in isnt very much drier but atleast it doesnt smell like ass. should i just keep the cfls        all the time now? or is it ok to put out side during the day still? but most importantly will she make it?

  2. just let her dry out before watering again. only water enough to moisten soil, don't drench it. let is seep into the soil before adding more. when soil is dry 1-2 inches below surface, repeat process.
    it was likely the beginning of root rot. did the roots look healthy when you transplanted?
    inside or out it's up to you. i'd leave her out if sunlight is bright, bring her in when sun goes down (or rainy) and put her under cfl's. 24/0 cycle till you're ready for flip.
  3. the roots looked fine. i was definately over watering tho. im just gonna wait for this soil to dry up let nature run its course and hope for the best!!! thanks for the reply!!
  4. After she dries out. Flush some 6.5ph water through it and see what the ph of the run-off is. It should be 6.5ph coming out of the bottom. If not, flush enough water through it until it is at 6.5.
    Don't over water and don't over feed!
  5. if u got some nice weather outside, putting them outside will help dry them out faster.

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