I need help / advice bad, my life is on the line

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  1. So, I'm from CA have my script with an add on that allows me to transport 10lbs or less, and grow 99 plants, I went out of state, and I stashed my car in a public parking lot, last night just like i did the night before with all the lbs, I went there this morning and I walked up on foot, I saw a 2002-2005 escalade with the windows, blacked out, and it was running parked next to a brand new ford f-150, they were talking window to window literally 3 spaces from the car, and then there was an grey dodge van, parked as well, they caught my attention so I didnt get in the car, I went into the fast food place and bought a drink watched them for about 45 minutes they didnt move except for the truck pulled up to the mini van window and they were talking, the guys were white with bald heads and mustaches def. looked like under covers, I walked right up next to the cars to see if I could see anything, and i didn't my buddy went back with his bike and said he saw diff. undo's and went up to one and saw a computer screen in it, the question is what should I do????

    the parking lot was empty other then my car and the undo's

    A) wait it out till night falls and see if they leave just go check on it every 2 hrs

    b) call a tow truck and have them pick it up and move it for me

    c) have a female with a license come pick the car up

    d) run and grab the tree on foot have my buddy in a car around the corner jump in and take off

    e) have a licensed drive get in the car, I am unlicensed, and ride with them with my card and if we do get stopped see if they honor it because this is a MMJ state but I have a California card

    please help I am stressed the fuck out and trippen, I am going to loose a shit load of money, if they catch me and probably going to do alot of jail time
  2. Don't do anything illegal infront of them. If youou crossed a state line. It's a felony to my understanding. Just go pick up your car. It's unlawful for them to just pick you randomly like that.
  3. But a or b are the smartest options.
  4. I understand your paranoia, but how would they know you have weight in the first place? Does the car smell?
  5. I have everything vaccum sealed, so IDK I think I am just going to wait it out until it gets dark, because I know they probably can't get a search warrant by night fall or they are waiting it out for a search warrant, so you think to just go pick it up, we were thinking maybe a k9 rolled through the drive through and started going crazy, so they sent undercovers out to watch it for the day, I think if we have a female with a license go pick it up they won't even think twice about it
  6. I am thinking they might have some short of x-ray device that can scan, and see what exactly is in the car, it's 105 out and there are a bunch of P's vaccum sealed, or some how the smell is leaking and they smell it
  7. f) give me the keys and ill go get that bitch.....:cool:
  8. were you at cat, I am gonna fly you in or come pick you up, I need some crazy mother fuckers like you on the team

    seriously though what the fuck should I do
  9. High powered sniper rifle, two to the chest one to the head of each undercover. Winning hearts and minds....

    If that dont work for ya, go with options a or b.
  10. Go with A.
  11. yah I am thinking about doing that right now, I got there about 945 am, and its almost noon now, so i figure they arent gonna work more then 8hrs so around 7 it should be good to go, I am thinking about calling a tow truck, and telling them I need it towed to the house it would be pretty cheap but easy for them to follow
  12. Did you by any chance bring the bud out of state to sell it there, rather then in Cali were the profit margins are much more slim?

    Tow that shit back to Cali.
  13. What State are you and the vehicle currently in? There may be a loophole. ;)
  14. i wouldn't want to tow it back to cali, I need to flip the rest of this weight then dip back to CA
  15. Dude, if u are that paranoid call in a tow truck.

    Thats actually a really smart idea. May cost a couple hundy, but peace of mind is priceless. :D
  16. I would call the tow truck but if they are undercovers do u think they would ask why it's being towed or something? And maybe they arent undos and wanna jump u for ur ps lol.

  17. yah, I think that's a good idea, I am calling a tow truck now
  18. Im from Cali also...but seriously I would be kinda paranoid also. But then again Id just wait then go get it later. I have had a couple p's in the car b4 and if its vac sealed then it wont smell that bad, depending on strain, temp, and how long its been in there. How much did you have in the car and what type of car? Trunk? I no you said you can carry 10 but did you have all 10 in there? Its good your being cautious but I think youll be ok.
    You didnt go to Vegas by chance did you? LOL. If so...its a 45 min flight from here and I aint gotz shit to do.......:cool:
  19. i def think they are undos and i am going to, wait it out till it gets dark then make my move, i'm playing chess not checkers so i gotta stay a few moves ahead, I think I am going to grab the duffles and just run for my life and have the homie pick me up and grab the car in a few day, or have it towed or just drive it I will see what's up thanks for all the help guys much love GC
  20. Dont you have to be there to have it towed? I mean you cant really just call em up and have them tow a car can you. Dont you have to prove that its ur car to the tow company? If not I could just have them tow random cars cant I? Just saying.

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