I need help.. 4th degree burglary.

Discussion in 'General' started by HerbalAndy, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Just so you hear it from another person: Get a lawyer.

    You really want to do every single little thing you can to keep this shit off your record. It sounds like you might be alright, but thats no excuse to cut corners.

    And did they charge you for the dank?
  2. It was my friends dank and yes he got charged. I'm going to talk to an attorney tomorrow. Has anyone on these boards ever been a 4th degree burglary incedent? Some experience of what happens would be very helpful.

  3. all cases come out with different consequences. it all really just depends on how you dress, your behavior and respect towards the judge, and your judge's mood that day on how everything will turn out. so i suggest you ask your attorney tomorrow as far as what kind of sentencing you might receive from your situation. it won't be that serious. but good luck!
  4. Are you sure it won't be that serious? Even on multiple counts of 4th degree burglary?

  5. Bro, you and your buddy broke into municipal utilities (read: public water supply) which could be viewed as a pretty big deal.

    Really, there are only two things that are going to give you a clear idea of what you're facing. The first is speaking to your lawyer, and the second is speaking to the judge. I wish we could all tell you exactly what's going to go down, but :(

    Good luck though, if I were the judge I'd give you a stern talking to and a slap on the wrist then send you straight out the door.
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    Don't listen to Sam Spade; you're not going to prison (or even jail) for Fouth Degree Burglary. Shame on you Sam Spade for giving such awful advice and scaring the OP. For the record, I am a third year law student who has much experience with the criminal justice system. To say that someone with a clean record could go to prison for a fourth degree crime is completely erroneous. In many jurisdictions, Fourth Degree crimes are treated as disorderly persons offenses which is the lowest of the low. In fact, I'd be surprised if you spent even one day in jail. If you have a clean record you'll get accepted into a Pre-Trial Invervention Program or a Program for First Offenders. Chances are you'll just get probation, pay a fine, and do some community service. But yes, I would recommend that you consult with a lawyer just so you're aware of your options.

    Furthermore, you didn't even go to jail when you got caught; they just gave you a court date, so it is most likely a disorderly persons offense.

    Edit: Sam those links you gave are garbage. The first one involves a man who has had run-ins with the law for many decades. The second one involves someone who got convicted of FIRST degree burglary who wanted the jury instructed on forth degree burglary. This has nothing to do with anything.
  7. I did get a arrested though, and brought back to a local holding cell where I sat for 20 minutes than they took me out and got my finger prints and such.
  8. Oh, you didn't say that. Even so, the same advice still applies.
  9. you're fine man. there is no chance of any jail time for this.
  10. btw good advice man. GC needs folks like you.

  11. Classic post right here, when i came upon it i literally burst in a roar of laughter, i am pretty sure the lower the number the more severe the crime,no?
  12. I was going to make the same post, but I just sighed and pretended I didn't see it.

    On a side note, maybe you and the OP should switch names.
  13. how did they prove you broke the locks and such.....lock cutters dont make you guilty.....unless you were stupid and kept the locks you broke with the lock cutters.....what ever you did just seems STUPID!
  14. Seems pretty stupid that you didn't really read the second sentence of the thread before you posted.

  15. are you sure its only a burglary charge? i mean that means you took or try to take stuff. if anything its a trespasing charge. before you waste money on a lawyer find out what the da.a is offering. if they are decent they will reduce it to a simple trespasing. then take it from there. if they are out t screw you then you will need a lawyer. call the court or d.a. office and talk to them.
  16. +rep good post
  17. Thanks man.
  18. For the record HerbalAndy had about a 1/8 of my bud and my 3" SharpStone Grinder on him and got that shit taken away by the cops! i now have a new grinder though, so it's all good. i'm on my 4th one now though...
  19. Thanks that's what we were all wondering

    What ended up happening?

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