I need help.. 4th degree burglary.

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  1. So me and my friends have been breaking into water towers to get on top of them to see the view. One day we got pulled over and they found our lock cutters and locks that we had broken. They charged us all with a 4 degree burglary and gave us our court date. Does anyone know how much trouble I'm in? I mean I have no clue and I'm terrified right now. Anyone that has an understanding of the court system your feedback with be greatly appreciated.
  2. Save your money, your gonna need it to buy your new girlfriend Bruno some cigarettes and tic tacs. :wave:
  3. my 2 uncles did this like 2 or 3 decades ago and they didn't get in that much trouble. But they didn't break any locks to do it. How did they find your lock cutters? didn't you hide them or something.
  4. They were in the trunk of the car.. I just turned 18 too and I have a clean record. The thing is we did it to multiple water towers and we had to break the lock of every single one.
  5. Sounds like you're in a little bit of trouble.

    Conviction of 4th degree burglary can easily buy you multiple years in a penitentiary. Precedent changes from state to state.

    Last couple of convictions in my area both got 2-6 years.

    I did a little goggling and it looks like the penalties in most states are around that same time span. Most people get paroled about half-way through their sentence.


    And I hate to tell you this, but homeland security might take an interest too. Messing with municipal services like water supply probably carry an even heavier penalty in recent years.

    I'm unsure.

    You should REALLY call a defense lawyer.

    Best of luck to you.
  6. so if the lock cutter was in the trunk..howd the po find it?:confused:
  7. Since your 18 and have a clean record I would think you would get probation and maybe a little jail time. I'm not in law school or anything so I don't really know. Sam Spade gave some pretty good links.

    Next time don't let them search your car. I doubt they had probable cause.
  8. We had danks in the car, and he sniffed and sure as shit got the canine to go through our whole car.

    Sam.. these are charges of the 4th degree? That seems rediculous, all we did was get on top of these water towers.
  9. I know, it's one of those heavy-handed laws. Your best bet is to get a good defense lawyer, and make a plea bargain for forcible entry and trespassing.

    It's been challenged unsuccessfully in the supreme court before, but maybe that might help your cause.

    I'm not sure either how strong the case is. The fact that you didn't actually plan to STEAL anything may really help your cause. In fact, some judges will just throw a case like that out for lack of evidence.

    Being 18 with no criminal record will CERTAINLY make the judge more lenient too.

    I really do hope it works out for you, buddy.
  10. Well thank you very much, you've taken alot of stress off my mind. If anyone has anyother input I'd really like it.
  11. Why did you carry around the locks too?
  12. Hopnestly if the judge believes you all, I don't think it will be a big deal. I've never had any problems like this but my stupid ass cousin gets himself into trouble all the time.
  13. 1. Get a lawyer
    2. Seriously dude go get one
    3. I dont think you're in for that much heat, but I'm just speculating. You didnt really have malicious intentions after gettign to the top of the tower, so I think they will probably cut you some slack.
    4. See 1 & 2
  14. Thanks for the input, do you really think its worth it to get a lawyer?
  15. yes its worth gettin a lawer
    specially if ure in 4th degree burglary,
    that sound bad, really bad

  16. seriously, stupidest idea ever to take the locks

    if he found just the lock cutters, there wouldnt be a case

    and u werent technically burglarizing anything, seems more like breaking and entering to me

    so thats prolly what u'd get charged with if anything
  17. That's what I was going to say...you're a terrorist

    Usually when they find out people have broken into water towers, they have to do all sorts of purity tests and shit like that to make sure the water supply hasn't been compromised.
  18. dont drive around with cut locks and lock cutters. . .

    you wouldnt be charged with anything aside from posession if you had disposed of your evidence...

    thats common sense.

    although props for actually getting away with climbing multiple towers uncaught,

    ive wanted to hit the towers in my town but they have alarms on the ladders and the last mofo to try it made it all the way up then set the shit off on the way down.

    like everyone says, get a lawyer. . and if your friends are getting charged to get the story straight for everyones wellbeing
  19. Burglary under the legal definition is breaking and entering with intent. Just one of those things that doesn't translate well with the laymen definition.
  20. seems like your best bet is to get a lawyer and milk the "we didn't steal or fuck with anything" story

    tell em you were just breakin in to climb the towers

    maybe once they do some purity tests like Sky Dog was talking about they'll realize you didn't really fuck with anything

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