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  1. ok first off i know this belongs in outdoor growing but not alot of ppl look at that and i really need feedback and alot of it. i believe i messed up my grow from the begining (first time). i germiated my seeds and then put them in some sprouting soul till they were about 1 or 1 1/2 in high. i then transplanted them into the ground in the woods b/c im doing a guerilla grow. i believe that was the first mistale to transplant so early. all of the plants looked nice for a week or two and then i lost some due to bugs or somthin i now have 5 left of the 13 that i planted. its been about 3-4 weeks now and the biggest and healthiest is only about 6 in high and they are all streaching due to the fact that its kind of a shady area. (second misake i think). can i still get a decent harvest with alot of shade? if not would anyone recomend transplanting again to a new location. ive seen other ppls plants at 1 month and they are huge compaired to mine. the pic was taken just yesterday and im thinkin WTF plants get a move on it!!! as a deterant for pests i have a 4 strand fence around the grow site made of fishing line for the deer and i took cut up rags soaked in sweat and tied them all around and pissed on em so the animals will smell me and go away (i hope) so now for bugs what should i do b/c im goin organic and need a good repelant thats non chem. thanks for any help you can give. much appreciation. Peace, Love and keep those bowls packed and spliffs rolled. [​IMG]
  2. you need at least 5 hours of direct sunlight for sufficient growth.

    did you transplant into your own soil or into the soil in the forest?
  3. it was just the forest dirt that was there. its black dirt tho and pretty rich
  4. soil looks ok but you need to feed them light nutes so they get a bit sturdier
  5. I moved this to the Grow forums. We have growers that never go to the other forums and they are the experienced ones who need to address this thread. :)
  6. hmm, they are stretching a lot. unfortunately you put them in a really shady places. doesn't seem like they are getting much light :( transplanting could be an option, but the problem with that is you really have no idea where the roots are now... they could have gone straight down, and you could kill them if you chop the roots. I'm not really sure what to recommend. is there anyway you can move plants/trees that are blocking sunlight?
  7. Forest floor can be very good soil, all that leaf mould that appears every year is excellent compost.

    I keep mine in the original 5 litre containers (mineral water bottles) until they show their sex, then transplant the females.

    But they do appear small. I agree on the earlier comments about lack of light.

    I make an organic bug spray using garlic and soap.
  8. after you get like the first or 2nd set of true leaves you'll have a stage of very little visible growth.. most the growth will be taking place under ground..

    I'm still on my first grow and the baby stage is the hardest part because there's really not much to watch cuz your plant is just trying to spread dem roots.. give it time and keep it in good light and in good water and you'll see your plants boom with in the next 3-5 weeks.
  9. I recomend the transplant. take some of that good soil with you if you have to. They do need more light. I wouldnt be addin' nutes without the light though. remember excessive nute can kill as easy as not enough. Good luck!:eek:
  10. Agree with all of that. When the third set of leaves appear, those with 5 fingers, visible growth starts to take off.
  11. I would transport quickly or trim some branches off those trees if possible.
  12. Sorry, redtag, don´t follow what you mean at all. Plants that little need all the green parts they can grow.
  13. trim some branches off the surrounding trees to get light to the area.

    i think thats what was meant
  14. i think he meant the FOREST, the huge trees that are blocking the sunlight from reaching the babys. not trimming the branches off of the actual marijuana to let sunlight hit other branches of itself......just cutting branches off the huge trees that are masking sunlight from the babys.....
  15. Okay, in that case I recant my hasty comments and apologise for any offence caused.
  16. I would take a shovel and take a big enough section that i wouldn't distrub the roots. Move it a few feet in to a much sunnier place.

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