I need expert scrog advice...pls

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  1. Where to begin.im kinda new to this indoor thing plenty of outdoor experience. well i have a 5x5 7 feet tall homemade grow box 400watt hps/mh,6 in inline plus carbon filter,mylar on walls. i was thinking for my first grow i want to try scrog. its white widow from bcseedking. here are a few ?s.

    1. how many plants could i succesfully grow with a scrog under a 400 watt?
    2. should i use 3gal pals?
    3.how far should i keep the net/wire above the medium?
    4. should i top the plants?
    if so could u point me in the direction of techniques for scroging with pictures/drawings if possible.

    keep on smokin[​IMG]
  2. 1. i have 6 plants under 1x400w and its working very nicely
    2. sounds good, the bigger, the more place the roots will have
    3&the rest: do some research in this forum, we have some great FAQ's about scrog (including pictures)
  3. 1. 4-6. Lots of lst and topping needed to fill the screen if you do 4, 6 will require less but heck, why do less????lol. Top, top, top, top and then top one more time,lol (check the "4-way" tutorial in my sig)

    2. Yes, don't go smaller, if anything, bigger. More soil= more roots, more roots= more bud

    3. I built mine at 15" so I can use it for any plant. If needed, I simply raise the plants individually so they all meet the screen evenly

    4.See #1 :D

  4. thx man.....LBH's 4-way LST Tutorial (w/ "topping" sub tutorial)....that has to be one of the best lst/topping tutorials ive seen. i cant thank you enough. i was looking for a tutorial w/pics:)++rep

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