I need exact amount and brand of flouros i will need to start my indoor growing.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by XCLuSiVeSTiLo, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. I will be Growing some good quality bud in a big one of those plastic containers that people pack stuff in to go to college i will have 2 pots with 1 germinated seed each. How many flouros do i need and what is the recommended brand. I own metal halide lights but I will be doing this here at my house and my parents dont approve of the agriculture of weed. I have planted a few seeds out back in my woods and want to start this indoor project up as a beginner just need some help.
  2. If you're parents don't approve and you're living in their house, you shouldn't be growing there.
  3. thanks for the help i guess ill just have to figure it out on my own
  4. hey buddy just go to home depot with about 25 dollars and ask then where they keep there worklights get three(5 dollars a pop) then ask them where they keep there floro's get the 3 pack for 10 dollars(I think there 60 watts) and the brand is sylvan there's all the help you need P.S if your gonna grow in your people's house dont sell and dont be cheap when it comes to smell cause remember they can go to jail for your mistakes
  5. My house is in like upstate suburbs. I have a huge backyard and the closest neighbor is like 200 yards away. My parents dont care about the growing part they think I want to sell but I am doing it to save on what I spend on the stuff . I thought I only needed flouros. y the work lights? < wattage? how long before harvest?
  6. if your parents don't care, that's another story. That's not what it sounded like in your first post.

    He's saying "work lights" as in "shop lights" lighting fixtures. The ones that hold two flourescent bulbs that are 2', 3', or 4'. Buy a pack of tubes that are as close to 6500K color temp as you can find. Usually they're called "daylight". When you start flowering, change out half of these to "warm" bulbs.
  7. How would I go about keeping those in a Plastic 30 Gallon or more container that is housing my pots and insure that it does not get too hot and burn down my home?
  8. Which is it?
  9. These are the most reliable companies on the market today: Sylvania, Westinghouse, General Electric.

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