I need creative input!!

Discussion in 'General' started by mulli_melli, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. Please help me! I need a catchy fraze for our new business.

    Our business is called "SIMPLY PATIO'S"!!

    I want some cool pictures too. But I don't know where to look. Most free clip arts don't include pictures of patio's!! lol :)
    I need a clip art site that has pictures on construction, building etc.

    Anyway, I thought grasscity is full of creative people, and I notice alot of members online.

    Help me think up a cool advertisement!!
  2. out side decks is what your talking about ?"we may leave you out side but you'll be looking good!"
  3. ' we work hard! so you can enjoy it"
  4. "were allways under foot!"
  5. ^^^^ the "under foot" one was good...:)
  6. oh shit..forgot to add my own..lol

    "we make your choice for patio furniture....... simple"

    I think it's clever...lmao..j/p

    not the best..hey...I tried...lol

    peace and love
  7. This is great!!

    I'm talking about verander type extensions when I say 'patio', we do carports aswell cause they're pretty much the same thing. I found a few pictures today, after about 2hrs of surfing!

    I'm planning to make up a poster add to distrubute around new suburbs. As soon as I think up a logo I can get business cards and magnets done. Put add in the local paper etc.

    But it's hard. I want a cool add. I'm gonna go have a quick cone and come back and get serious!

    You guys are doing well, keep it flowing. Your more into it than me. All I get in my head is that stupid tina turner song 'simply the best'. F#CK!!! As you can see I need all the help I can get!!

  8. ha dude! look at where your from? down under patios!getting decked could be fun! ausis patios! good luck tazz11
  9. Simply Patio's,...Simply Your's
  10. "Enjoy the outdoors again without ever leaving the comforts of home"

    I tried the best I could while being sober at work.

    OK, the best logo I ever saw was on the side of a garbage truck. It said "Our business stinks, but its picking up"
  11. BPP that's funny re: the garbage logo!

    How about: Tired of staring at your walls? We'll take you outside! :)

    Sorry I'm not very creative !! But good luck~
  12. Simply Patio's.........Simple pleasures can be yours! Sign seen on Tow truck door: "We meet by accident!". And BPP..ya gotta be familiar with the Wagner Meat Co. slogan!
  13. critter brings up a good point here ,other aussy's may relate better with a home down under point of few wish well in trun draw home owners that are your mean costumers!good point critter! you knew the lay of land and how people would react to these adds! good luck tazz11

  14. *shakes head *

  15. Sorry BPP, Seen the signs all over by Nawlin's, Baton Rouge,Gulfport, thought you might have seen em'.........You can't Beat Wagner's Meat!

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