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  1. ok so heres my complete marijuana history so that maybe someone here can tell me what in Gods name happened to me. The first time I ever smoked weed was at a party when this girl just put a joint to my lips so I took one big hit and that was it, I felt nothing (no one feels anything the first time from my understanding). Second time, I go to a friends house we pass around a joint, took several hits and I felt great, felt like I was levitating, got all tingly, looked like everything was over a strobe light and time just slowed down, it was great and I was laughing at everything. 3rd, 4th, 5th time, my girlfriend got a hold of a pipe and a bag and we smoked some with her sister and everything was fine, felt great.

    One night after about the fifth time me and my girlfriends sister decide to get into it again, we filled the bowl pretty full and we shared it. Neither of us felt anything at first so we said that if we didn't feel anything in 15 minutes we would pack another bowl. 15 minutes pass and she was feeling it but I wasn't so I pack another bowl and smoked it by myself, started feeling it and we just sat and watched TV and everything was fine BUT here is where things went wrong. I had to take a leak so I got up off the couch to go to the bathroom, and once I got in the bathroom my ears started ringing and I felt this overwhelming sense that I was going to die I knew I was starting to freak out and tried to fight it but it seemed the harder I fought it the worse it got, I started aimlessly stomping around the bathroom knocking shit over, it was like I had no control over my body. I then was convinced I was stuck in an alternate reality and that I would never return to normal. I began to black out and zone out sporadically and felt like I was trapped in the bathroom and started tearing my shirt off and it was like I was watching myself do this from outside my own body. I then blacked out for what I was told about 3 minutes and apparently (according to my girlfriend and her sister) I walked out of the bathroom without my shirt and stood in the living room and I was completely unresponsive and I laid down on the couch, I then crawled over my girlfriends sister and jumped into the floor and started crawling around the room as fast as I could, I eventually regained consciousness and was on top of the back of the couch feeling like I was about to have a heart attack and started screaming at them to call 911 as I frantically crawled around in circles in the living room, although I was screaming out loud to call 911, I was screaming inside my head at myself saying "don't tell them to call 911, no one has ever died or overdosed on marijuana you're just freaking out" but again, it was like I had no control over my body and just kept yelling "call 911" and eventually my girlfriend tackled me into the corner and I eventually calmed down. They laid me down on the couch and made sure I was ok and they said I was twitching like crazy and I felt like I was absolutely insane and it was a whole week before I felt completely back to normal. It was the worst experience of my life and everyone I talked to about it said that its not possible and that the weed was laced or something but my girlfriend and her sister smoked the same bag of shit with me 3 or more times and nothing like that ever happened including to me until that one time

    About a month or so later I tried a different batch of my brothers stash to test the theory that it was just the weed and the SAME THING HAPPENED! I lost my mind outside my house in my driveway at 2am and tried hopelessly to calm myself down telling myself "don't let this shit happen again, just calm down and focus" but it was impossible, I wound up trying to walk to a friends house for help about a mile down the road and realized what I was doing and found myself in one of my neighbors backyard and I freaked out fearing they probably called the cops or something so I made my way back to my house to find all the shit in my car out on the ground so apparently I had dragged all my stuff out of my car for some reason and didn't realize it, I was still feeling insane and had trouble focusing and was pacing around my house wildly, but I eventually put all my crap back in my car made my way back to my room and passed out at about 5am (3 hours after smoking)

    I am deathly afraid to smoke EVER AGAIN and most likely I won't, I just want to know WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME AND WHY!?
  2. maybe your brother/girlfriend just have really good weed.

    sounds too me like you were too damn baked.

    crazy stoners nowadays :(
  3. Anxiety man. If your having troubles in your life, you might want to resolve them before you smoke again. If anything, its probably just you being afraid to get caught.
  4. Ive been told that i just smoked too much and that my tolerance was low since it was only the 5th or 6th time i had smoked over a 8 months time but ive known people that havent smoked much and smoked a ton in one sitting and they said they just sat and laid around for a few hours and just werent very coherent but they never had a psychotic episode like I did
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    Im a pretty laid back guy and I was in my own apartment and at my own house when this happened, ive been told that it was just my mind set and the setting i was in, but the first episode I was fine and having a good time until I left the room and at my house I was in the safety of my own property

    Also I have been told it was just an anxiety attack rather than a marijuana induced psychotic episode, but I like I said, I was feeling like I was trapped in an alternate reality or that I would never return to normal rather than being scared the cops were coming or I was being chased, at least not at first anyway.
  6. You were probably dehydrated and smoked out.
  7. Sounds like you you were just reaalllllyyyyy high. That combined with you freaking out, and panicking (you were probably taking really shallow breaths) isn't a good combination. If it happens again, don't fight it. If you smoke that much you have to trust the herb, and if you do, you'll be alright. Because after all it is just marijuana.
  8. sounds like a panic attack, being high just made it more intense. I hate panic attacks. The best thing to do is sit down and take deep breathes and think about something or someone that makes you happy.
  9. Just smoke less. At your 'level', just smoke the equivalent to 1 bowl pack or less and you should be feeling good.
  10. This post is very interesting.
    One of my best friends smoked marijuana three times before having a similar experience. The next time he smoked a bunch of bowls out of a glass ice bong and got extremely high. He then suffered something with similar panic attack like symptoms, though none of the out of body non control stuff. Just like you, he now no longer smokes because of it.

    In my opinion there are things you can do that will probably limit some of the negative effects of a marijuana high like the paranoia. Like mentioned above, limiting other stress factors in your life, putting yourself in a relaxed setting before smoking, and consuming smaller amounts and in different methods. Have you considered trying edibles?

    However, there are a certain type of people who don't react well to psychoactives in general. Whether it has to do with other mental issues, genetics, or personality it's not really clear.

    I would try and give Marijuana another chance, but it's really up to you and it's understandable if you wish to stop because of your experience.
  11. ^ this

    that doesn't sound like a panic attack...

    it sounds like OP was dehydrated... when he got up he probably got lightheaded and woozy - everyone experiences things like this differently... who knows,...

    it sounds like OP needs to make sure he's got a big bottle of water handy when he smokes. making sure you have food in your stomach also helps
  12. sounds to me like 7th heaven

    or hell what ever you make of it

    maybe you should include more ritualistic routines during your smoke sessions to make them more meaningful

    you never know
    maybe you are smoking for all the wrong reasons and god is trying to tell you

    if i were you i would start listening now while your "ears" are keen to the message

    even though obviously your whole body is receptive to this "message"

    follow the signs and don't lie to yourself

    from here, it only gets better:smoking::wave:
  13. damn, i wish i could get that high.
  14. hahaah dude you just got really stonedd
  15. It seems to me that you're thinking about it too much.. You should learn your limits and how mind-altering substances affect you.

    If you don't like what happened when you got high, maybe weed is not for you.
  16. been there done that many a time man. too much smokey! just take it easier next time. the anxiety will pass. i can literally smoke a quarter of weed now and not even come CLOSE to freaking out due to conditioning and tolerance. i remember one time smoking a single bowl and spending a few hours in my neighbour's garden in my boxers at 3am hiding from my sleeping parents. just smoke less until you're 100% comfortable being stoned, which won't take long man :)

  17. Just like you're friend you talked about, I had smoked several times before this happened and like I said I was fine the first time until I went into the bathroom but the second time (in my driveway) it was almost immediate (i.e.) my ears started ringing and then proceeded to go crazy again, does that mean anything? But of course, the first time it happened I was inside and wasn't worried about anything at all but the second time in my driveway I was slightly nervous just because I didn't want to wake anyone up when I went in but other than that I was fine. I want to give it another go but I am so unbelievable afraid to try it again, and I am a person that is not afraid of very many things, I served in the military and am a generally laid back guy and both times I was in a comfortable and safe setting which is why I find it hard to believe this happened because I was stressed or I was nervous or had troubles because I am pretty much trouble free.

  18. Heres the problem with that, The first time I could say that I smoked a shit ton (using the bowl) but the second time it happened I smoked using a gatorade bottle in a waterfall bong config. So I just smoked a tiny socket wrench lug full and smoked the whole bottle in one hit, is that considered too much? (remember I'm new)

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