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  1. Ok so I found out this chick I like fucked one of my friends last night I thought we had a thing I've never had luck with girls and she was one of the only girls I thought I could get without going for some fat chick I don't know what to do I'm very depressed she was why i've been doing so good in school beacuse I could see her I just need some cheering up or advice or something
  2. smoke weed, stack paper, and do your thing. i cant stress this enough.

  3. I can't smoke i have very bad trips If I do when I'm depressed and I have no booze
  4. Sounds like a good friend lol. But yeah, what the guy above me said

  5. yea i'm exact same way man.

    not advocating anything, but there IS such thing as responsible unmentionable use . . . . . .

  6. No unmentionables the only ones I want to do would make this 1000x worse

  7. oh i see. yea i get your drift man haha.

    idk, maybe you could try rationalizing it, like find reasons that the girl really isn't as good as you thought.

    but that would be lying to yourself, some people (like me) are able to do it tho

  8. Let's see I'm going to try and make a list of goods and bass
    Hot as fuck
    One of the nicest chicks I've ever met
    Very good taste in moves/music that's a big one for me
    Likes the rocker look long hair band tees jeans
    Bad ass
    One of the most fun people I've meet
    Does drugs/drinks and can handle it
    Has been very open with me
    Everyone likes her like she's the only girl I haven't heard people talk shit about

  9. she sounds pretty awesome man, those type are great, but there's some of them around in college at least

    i know tho, yea they would never be able to replace her, but life goes on man. that's the cold truth of the situation :(

    yea i must be the only person who dont like girls who do drugs/drinks a lot haha, i'd rather be the one to introduce them to it lol
  10. so did you actually hook up with chick yet or what? If you just had a crush on her and she fucked your friend you STILL might have a chance with her if you want it. If you didn't make the move and your friend did then next time you need to move quicker!

    Good luck man. Either way there are PLENTY of fish in the sea. Just take the leap when opportunity knocks! Girls seem to like that.

  11. It depends on the chick some are annoying but some are chill she was the later

  12. oh awesome, dassssss the good kind lol

  13. Well idk if I have a chance but idk if I can get over the thought of it and on the fish in the sea she was one of those blue tuna that go for tens of thousands of dollars
  14. [quote name='"thelizardkin"']

    Well idk if I have a chance but idk if I can get over the thought of it and on the fish in the sea she was one of those blue tuna that go for tens of thousands of dollars[/quote]

    Nah she's one of those blue tuna that fucks your friends and then you throw back in the ocean.

  15. I do want to add he doesn't know I like her
  16. They'll come around sooner or later bro,real talk.Do you ever initiate conversation with them or what?Sorry to hear about that though I know that has to suck.Stay up though man and make yourself noticed even if some talk shit or what not fuck em mane.

    Tell him then dude if he is your friend he'll understand.

  17. Well I talk with her almost once a day I don't text him much but i'm not a big texter but I don't think he'll understand I don't think he's ever liked someone he's like a casual fucker
  18. Well you gotta try something.

  19. Should I talk to her about it or what one of my friends told me and he and another friend told me that it's not a big deal and that she was drunk and those things happen
  20. I have to say this I've never had a gf I've never even asked a chick out because I just never found one worth it I've gone too long I want a girl so fucking bad and she was like the girl of my dreams

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