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I Need Canna Butta Help!!! Please

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jaroslavv1, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So i plan on making cana butter tmrw but i wanna make sure this way of making sounds to be about right, I looked for a edibles section of the forum but there isnt one, maybe i just cant find it cuz im high but alright this is what im going to do.

    So im going to boil some water in a pot and wait till its boiling, after this i will then add about half a stick of butter to my boiling water and turn the stove down alot.

    Once this mixture becomes nice i am going to add 14gs of decent finely busted ( hand or coffee grinder? ) weed and add to to the mix, then mix for next three hours on simmering temps.
    Once it turns a dark greenish colour i will strain it into a boil through cheesecloth.

    Hows this sound, Any recommendations?
  2. You do not want to dilute your edible solvent with water; it drastically reduces its efficiency.

    Adding water to the mix was only ever intended as an old fashioned, out dated (and ineffective) means, of controlling temps.

    It's very unnecessary and counter-productive to the process, it takes longer to break down the glandular material and pulls loads of inert (impotent) and unpalatable plant matter into the resulting oil. When it's time to separate the water, I've seen so many people pour essentially pure hash down their sinks, along with that mucky green liquid. Solid glandular material, just like when you are making ice hash, sinks below with the 'waste water' and settles on the bottom mixed with a little inert plant matter, then patients wind up dumping out the vast majority of their potency, and they wonder why it takes up to 'several grams per dose' to feel anything. :)

    If using a stove-top method, you're better off using that water to your advantage by making a double boiler. Take two pots, one slightly larger than the next, fill the large one with a few inches of water and set the smaller pot, floating inside. You heat the water below, and then the water (never going very much above 200 or so f), heats your oil in the pot above.

    This provides you with an actual buffer between the heat-source, and your canna oil (unlike water-butters, which still make direct contact with the heat source below), and it does so without diluting your oil.

    To learn how to make this (or your trimmings...)


    Into, this...


    See the link below:

    (First Page, contains detailed information on decarboxylation, or cannabinoid conversion..
    decarboxylation is the process of activating your cannabinoids 'potency' by removing the
    carboxyl group in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapor, converting your cannabinoids
    from their acid, to their more potent delta forms):

    Photo Tutorial: Highly Activated Med Grade Bioavailable Canna & Hash Oil, Edibles, Drinkables and more...

    The best oils, produce little to no odor during processing, if sealed properly and heated and cooled correctly. You can easily put it in any boxed brownie mix... be sure to read the final paragraph for detailed dosage information.

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