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I need blatant honesty

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bennyweed, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. So I know a this guy....and this guy grows MMJ and he does it pretty damn well. This guy was in the Air Force before and got out within the last 4 years and is now interviewing to become a DNR Ranger.

    Meaning if hired this guy will have to go through the police academy and will be considered a cop, with a badge, gun and the works. Just a nature cop though, you know driving around camp grounds and what not.

    What is this guy to do? Use this to his advantage with his inside knowledge or pull the cord on the career that will truly make him rich?
  2. Might this guy be named benny? haha JK. IDK man this is something that you need to answer yourself, figure out whats best for you.
  3. He should think about his future.

    Do you.
  4. Does this guy consume his crop enough to make it problematic for him to become an officer?
  5. I'm lost. Is SWIY thinking about growing in the park he's patrolling? Lol
  6. Personally, i would begin to find another dealer. If he is joining law enforcement, he can, and probably will narc on the people buying from him. Although, on the other hand, he will most likely be ceasing his mmj growing, dealing, and consuming very soon. But its all up to you and what you decide.
  7. He should go with the cash!
  8. well i would tell your FRIEND to ditch the growing because it will get too sketchy
  9. if you do become a nature cop, be sure to fuck with the kids out in the woods trippin alot
  10. There are people in every profession that smoke marijuana. Nothing wrong with having a personal grow but it's a bad idea to be a dealer in a non-medical state. Getting caught would end his career.

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