I need better instructions: "How to make a Hemp dog collar"

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  1. Can someone please give me a more thorough explaination - specifically for step #4 (braiding the 8 threads): How to Make Hemp Dog Collars | eHow.com

    Measure around your dog's neck. Each dog is going to be different, so you'll want to have exact measurements. If you're only making a collar for your own dog, measure your dog's neck. For multiple collars of varying sizes, visit a pet store and record the measurements for extra small through extra large collars for sizing.

    Add four inches to the measurements you have taken from your own dog. Leave the measurements you took from the other dog collars alone.

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    Lay out eight strips of hemp that are each about three inches longer than your overall measurement for slack.

    Braid these eight strips, using the common over, under braid used with hemp necklaces. Lay out all eight braided pieces. Braid the first braided strip over the second, and the eighth braided strip over the seventh. Bring the third braided strip across the second, the sixth strip over the eighth, and cross the fourth and fifth strip together. Continue this method, until you have reached the end of the braid.

    Add beads or charms as you go. When you add a bead or charm, slide a bead onto a string right after you have pulled it across a braid. Then continue to braid the pieces.

    Finish the collar with a square knot.

    Cut off the extra lengths of hemp for your collar, making the collar the length you have written down: either the length of your dog's neck, or one of the sizes you have measured from a commercial dog collar.

    Try the collar on your dog before you add the plastic clasp to ensure the correct fitting.

    Use a small piece of hemp to tie two sides of a plastic clasp to either side of the collar. This will allow you to take the collar on and off. Do this by threading a small piece of hemp into each end of the plastic clasp. Slide the hemp pieces into your braids at either end. Tie a square knot end over end twice, and then pull to tighten.

    The plastic clasps should hook together.

    Take your metal loop and slip it around the collar, or tie it into one of the braids in the center of the collar.

    Fit the collar around your dog's neck.


  2. My suggestion is to go to a sewing/knitting forum for that particular question, they will know about that shit.
  3. Step 1: Go to Etsy.com

    Step 2: Search for hemp dog collars

    Step 3: ???????

    Step 4: Enjoy your new hemp dog collar. Get a matching cat and human collar too!

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