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I need bad karma.... and lots of it!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, Nov 8, 2003.


which would you like to send to the theiving fucker?

  1. negative karma

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  3. bad karma

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  1. well.... i went to boeing surplus today to rummage through bits of aluminum stock, old cabinets... etc...

    and i grabbed a few book shelves for $7.50 each.... and i parked my cart not 5ft away from me, as im looking at aluminum stock..... nothing... so i grab my cart and am heading for the checkout, and i realize my $50 custom metric/SAE tape measure is missing... so i go back and look for it.... and i cant find it.... and no one could have picked it up, since i had only waled maybe 30ft.... so someone jacked my damn custom tape measure.... i narrowed t down to either this short little chinese guy, or a guy in a leather bomber jacket that had waled by while i was browsing the aluminum stock....

    now i know what your thinking... damn, why are you so upset about adamn tape measure? well, the reason is that my girlfriend who moved to california 2 years ago had it custom made for me for my birthday, and had a picture frame on the side of it with her picture in it... it might have only cost $50, but its value to me was priceless..... now i am a strong beleiver in Karmatic laws (yes, karmatic) and i need as much negative karma as i can towards the priceless tapemeasure theif..... i mean really bad... like i hope his wife dies... i honestly do.... cause now he has taken the last peice of mine i had left..... son of a bitch... if i see either one of them again i'll do unimaginable things to them ( like manson family style )..... :(
  2. what comes around goes around,...UUUUGH thieves!

    *edit, that manson thing......kinda scary....
  3. LOL! I've never seen anyone wanting bad karma!!! What you said about dudes wife and the Manson thing is going to bring you all the bad karma you need, HJ! :) I'll send good karma to make up for it! :D

    *I am sorry that you lost your thing, though. That really sucks! Whoever has it now knows that it has to mean something to someone so they'll get theirs, anyway.
  4. The theif of your priceless tape measure has already condemned themselves to the recipt of bad karma. Instead of sending bad karma, I'll instead send some good karma your way. I know it won't make up for your loss, but it certainly sounds like you need it.

    I'm sorry, man, that really really blows.
  5. yeah, ok maybe not his wife die; how about she moves away and he never sees her again:p.... that sounds better; and manson family? thats nothin; need to find the unsolved mysteries site.... now theres some gruesome shit.....

    my narves are calmed, although now the last of only a few pictures of us together are now gone..... am stoned and i dont know if it making me feel better or worse........ its like getting stabbed in the chest, over and over again... feeling your organs struggle to deal with the pain.. i know that the guy didnt know how much that thing ment to me, but i'm hoping that hell either pawn it to get money for his family, or use it in a constructive way...... wait a second... this guy was shoopping at boeing surplus.... if you need money bad enough to steal tapemeasure and such, you sure as hell cant afford to be shooping at an industrial surplus store.... stuff here costs twice as much as it would new..... that sonnof a bitch musta taken it just to get off on the fact that it fucks with someone elses life..... little did he know that this worthless tapemeasure was the one thing that holds this fucked up mans life together.... and now with the momento of his one truly beloved picture is now gone..... she now remains faceless.... only in darting franticly from one corner of my mind to the other, slowing as they stop...............

    then gone\\\\\\ just like that... no warning , nothing....

    it literially makes me feel sick to mystomach that the one last reason for being here now is faceless......only memories..
  6. not a believer in wishing ill upon others..but, as you stated, karma is a day he'll be sittin back lookin at his new custom tape measure, just to come home and see his house robbed blind..

    sorry for you m8..I know how it can feel to lose something that represents a bond between two im sendin some good karma your way:)

  7. thats what im talkin about.... in the next few months i really need to just drive my ass to california....
  8. Not to hamper this thread, but Karma? WTF?? If karma was the case my life we be much better, along with millions of others(also all the asshole's life's would suck, but they seem to be coming out ahead). On the other hand I will sympathize with you HJ cause it totally sucks to lose something with that much sentimental value.
  9. my bad karma wont leave me... its always here.. waiting n watching.. and when something good comes along.... BANG it hits me in the head like a brick thrown from a jumbo jet headed on its way to hit me.. yep just like that :mad:
  10. im sure they'll get whats comming to them.... what comes around goes around you know......usually two fold as worse as well.....
  11. i dont know the difference between negative and i picked the big bad one...i dont hope anything bad to happen to them tho, what would be cool is if all of a sudden...your doorbell rang and your tape measure flew in your door when you opened it and hit you on the head (not because i wanna get you hit in the head, but thats prolly where it would hit you if it flew in through the so yah

    oh and early gratz on 3000 HJ (its at 2999 when i wrote this)
  12. i hope that the karma i have sent this dude will cause him to die right outside your door a painful death WITH THE TAPEMESURE ON HIM .. so you can get it back :D:D
  13. Yup, gettin' jacked sucks big time. Stupid thieves...
  14. Amidst all of your anger, you seem to be like a very great boyfriend to your girlfriend! You should show her that line about it being priceless to you...

    P.S. how are you going to tell your girlfriend about it?
  15. Im sorry that happpened to you man that really stinks.. but dont worry whoever took it will get whats coming to them sooner or later in the meantime im sending you good karma and a big hug.
  16. Getting jacked AND jumped sucks more!im not trying to compare to your loss,i mean that sucks major ballz,but i was walkin down garvin and had 20 bucks on me and these 2 dickheads from school came outta nowhere and beat the shit outta me and stole my 20 bucks!they just left me there.....god damn it hurt to walk home.but ya,idk much ab karma but hey much bad karma to that spoogemonkey who stole ur tape measurer.may god damn that SOB with a powerful bolt of thunder to his head on a rainy day:D
  17. why must you guys bump old threads?
  18. Okay no offense man, but what the fuck, a custom tape measure? I mean did you really like tape measures or are you a contractor who grows emotional towards your tools? If you ask me, if you need a tape measure to symbolize the integrity of your relationship, than you might want to reevaluate said relationship. I guess it was a clever idea for a gift but priceless, I don't know.
  19. Colonel Ingus, clearly you didn't read the thread, or have never had any type of relationship with anyone, so don't be ignorant. As he stated it was just a $50 tape measure, but it was custom made and decorated with a picture of his wife, who I'm assuming isn't around anymore for whatever reason, its the emotions behind the gift that he is attached to, and dont say 'No Offense' When you are blatantly being offensive and ignorant.

    BUT anyways, this thread is over a year old, I'm sure he's moved on, and the thief has had the negative karma bite him in the ass.

    Bumping old threads ..

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