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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by pabxl, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. does anyelse vomit when they smoke ? because i have been vomitting alot lately the first time off a blunt the second time was when i took my first dab and another time with my boys..Should i just stop smoking or just not eat before smoking.
  2. Weed is not for you.
  3. It's possible you're allergic to blunts. I know someone who is and he throws up every single time he smokes them. That doesn't explain the dab tho. If it keeps happening definitely quit.
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  4. 2nded
    i had a buddy with this reaction
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  5. nah i smoke a blunt today and nothing happen
  6. Some people can have allergic reaction to cannabis
  7. Could be the fact that you're not used to blunts? I know of a few people that have thrown up from blunts since they weren't heavy smokers before. Try a normal joint/spliff and see how you go with that.
  8. The weird part was that he smoked cigarettes, so he wasn't allergic to the tobacco. It was something in the blunt wrap I guess
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  9. same thing with ganes

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