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I need answers on dro

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fatmagg, May 28, 2010.

  1. so 'dro' is supost to be some dank. I thought I was a way to grow weed(hydroponic) not a piticular strand. and if it's a strand is it good. if it's a way to grow do they all come out the same? like can I take skank seeds grow hydroponicly and get some dank? idk I think there are too many types of weed out there. there should be one called fuk u up. and it dose that, but know there's a million names plus 10 million made up names. anyways help me out lol
  2. "dro" is weed grown using hydroponics.

    Using Hydroponics to grow weed does not make it any better or worse,it is just a style, or way of growing weed.

    You can grow schwag using hydroponics, but you can also grow some mad dank bud.Whether the weed is grown using hydroponics or not does not make it any better than,say, outdoor grown weed.

    Oh, and no, "dro" is not a strain
  3. No... dro does not mean it will be dank. Some people with huge hydroponic grow ops will just grow high yielding plants (i.e. m39- beasters... real dense.. hairy.. no taste.. you know). However, anybody growing hydro will usually put some effort in, as it is fairly expensive to do. However, almost all dro you will find will be better than mids, unless the mids are unreal. You can tell dankness by smell and how covered it is in crystals. If someone gives you a name, just google it and look up a review. Reviews tend to have pictures and although the same strain will not always look identical, it should look familiar or have a familiar high/taste.. etc. Never pay a lot of money for basic hydro-beasters.
  4. its a way to grow but, people tend to use it as another way of saying dank. The same way people call dank "Kush" when its a strain.

    if you took seeds and grew them properly then seeds from mids could become dank, while seeds from dank can be grown into mids if its done improperly.
  5. Dro: Slang used for good marijuana. Similar slangs would be dank, kb, kush, etc.

    Hydroponics is a growing method and uses water instead of soil.

    Cannabis Growing Guide

    Good site for information.

    Also, when you're trying to grow good weed you need good seeds. You can't take bag seed and think that you're going to make it 'fire' by growing it hydroponically.

    Rule #1 to growing good marijuana is having good seeds.

    Cannabis Seeds Attitude Marijuana Seeds

    Good seedbank with a wide variety of cannibas seeds.

    Hope this helps.
  6. I have to admit, I lolled hard.

  7. dude i dont know, you dont need good seeds to grow some dank ganj. It is not about the seeds its about how you care for the plant when it is growing

    ie: if you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on seeds and get some daank strains,and you treat the plant okay, but not too well, you will get just okay bud. If you use seeds from mids or something and you treat the plant amazingly and nurture and care for it really well, i can guarantee you the plant with the seeds from the mids will be better bud.

  8. Have you grown marijuana before?

    Sure you can take the same strain and make it a tiny bit more potent by having a good growing enviroment. In the long run it all boils down to good seeds. You can improve your mids but they won't be anything like you would see online from purchasing seeds.

    Not even close.
  9. yeah, but last time i had a plant, not a very big one, i harvested 1 ounce of some of the best weed i have ever smoked. It was seeds from mids. Although i only had one plant and i paid alot of attention to it. Maybe you are right, I have never bought seeds and did it that way.


  10. the only difference between bagseed and seeds online is that breeders have taken bagseeds, grown them out, separated the more desirable genetics and perpetuated that cycle until it becomes more likely that seeds will produce a quality plant than something less potent. i've grown seeds from the internet and it's still to some extent a gamble, because there are still less potent genetics waiting within those seeds. odds are you will get a few less potent plants and a few runts. it's the same with bagseed. you can without a doubt find incredible herb from seeds that came from herb that wasn't cared for properly. it's all just working with the genetics available on earth. it's not like midds is a strain that is cursed to forever be weaker than green house seeds purple durple kush. it just happened to come from mexico where the growing conditions are poor and care for the buds is non existent because profit is the only motivator.
  11. I'lll put it this way...

    The bag seed has never done me any good. I've ordered seeds online and there is no comparion between the crops. You can't even begin to compare them just by the looks you can tell.

    I've grown mids before and they sucked compared to the seeds I've purchased online. You can only get mids to a certain potency and thats it.

    It's genetics...
  12. hhahah okay, well as ive said, ive grown mid seeds and it was some mad dank bud......

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