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I need answers asap!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BubbaWidow, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. #1 BubbaWidow, Nov 19, 2011
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    Alright guys, I'm being quick to the point.

    Situation: Leaving to NY in about an hour on a bus. Will be with my gf and a bunch of her co workers since they do this field trip thing to NY every year for their work. I was able to tag a long.

    Problem: I haven't done anything MJ related since Halloween. I've done an experiment before where I passed in 10 days. I've applied to jobs and have been weary of doing anything mj related since most of them drug test. My question is this. I have 2 month old mj peanut butter I've saved and I know I will get no sleep on the bus with everyone yapping/bus hitting bumps/ etc. Basically, if I eat this peanut butter, which is all my vaped weed (ranging from light brown to dark brown), should I be able to pass a test if needed to sometime within 3-5 days? 6'1 160 6% body fat, work out, drink NOTHING but water daily.

    Please I need some more opinions. I'm leaning towards yes since I'm clean now and the amount of THC is minuscule and I will be walking around everywhere and climbing 700+ steps of the Statue of Liberty.

    Edit: And in my experiment I ate edibles 5 days before I started the actual experiment itself, and I still passed within 10 days.

    Edit2: Let me rephrase that. Everyday for 5 days leading up to the start of the experiment, I ate edibles (My peanut butter).
  2. 3-5 days?

    Why risk it. Just deal with the bus like everyone else.
  3. Wait 3-5 days then go ham i mean dont put weed in front of your job and a chamce to better yourself
  4. Yah I'll be straight up with you. If you eat the peanut butter and even get so much as a buzz, I promise you that you won't pass a test in 3-5 days. It's not worth it, a job is always a priority over weed, in my oppinion.
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    I'm not expecting calls anytime soon. But just in case. And I'm very sure I could pass one within 3-5 days if im clean now and did so in 10 days where I did that shit ALL THE TIME. This is one time, and its only a small amount. Just enough to make me tired and go to sleep. And no I will not take sleep medicine. The side effects on it are fucking ridiculous.

    Edit: And I've only sent out to ONE job, and they haven't even replied back in 3 weeks. I plan on applying to more though after this trip.
  6. Sounds like you have made your decision already :) My advice, if you have only applied to one place and it has been 3 weeks your not getting that particular job. If there is no chance of ANY other place calling you with a job opportunity then I guess go ahead and try but if you have stayed clean for so long, a few more weeks won't kill you. It will suck in the beginning but keep your mind occupied and try to get some head on the way. :wave:
  7. Yeah I've only applied to one job, but I plan to apply to some more and my gf dad said he could get me a job at his place making 14/hr doing aircraft work. And I have NO problem not smoking lol. Im not one of those people who fiend for it lol. It's very easy for me to go on long ass breaks, since I've had to before, so this is a cake walk for me. I just don't want to be awake the entire time on the bus, and than have to explore NY city tired/cranky/feeling like shit that's all. I thank everyone for their input, but knowing that I'm clean now and I was able to do so within 10 days reassures me that if I eat just one slice, I'll be fine in 5 days max. I know my body, I just wanted to hear opinions of others.

    Basically my plan is to eat a slice before I get on the bus, than zone out to music and fall asleep.
  8. With only 6% fat and just water id say your alright
  9. Shit, i passed my last drug test in 5 days. Granted it was an at home one, then three days later i had to take the actual UA. So it is highly possible. And the last time i got high before that i ate 3 fire crackers and smoked like 3 hits. I was a daily smoker too so. Idk im probably around the same build as you too so.

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