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Discussion in 'General' started by RollaJ, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. First of all, love the site people, lol, best one I've ever seen on this subject. I just now joined because I needed to ask a question. I've always rolled my own joints, I never used pipes. I've known a few people to use pipes, and I like them. So I came here looking to buy one. I looked at all of them and I'm thinking of getting the aluminum hookah pipe, because it has a 5 star costomer rating, and it looks like it has a good size bowl. What do you people think?

    Here's the pipe..

  2. I think that one looks pretty good...it's a decent price

    Personally, when I smoke out of pipes I like to use glass...I think it tastes better, but it is more expensive

    BTW, Welcome to the city!!
  3. Thanks for the welcome. :D
  4. I've bought metal pipes before and they didn't smoke worth a shit. I like a bong or a wooden pipe. Welcome to the city!

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  5. Yeah, you should just go for the glass pipe. They smoke so much nicer, and usually have a carb.
  6. welcome to the city! glad yea like it here :) I like the way that pipe looks..it seems like its got a decent size bowl on it. but I agree, I like pipes with carbs too..but if thats what your looking for, its a nice choice! :)
  7. i have that same pipe except mine is blue. it has a big bowl but tastes a little funny, probably cause its aluminum. try to find a good chrome pipe. they taste really good and are easier to clean than aluminum. If you have the money to spend i would get that titanium raydiator pipe. god i want that thing so bad.:)
  8. I already bought the aluminum hookah pipe. lol I might buy a glass one if I don't like this one. Can you beleive we dont have head shops around here?? I have to go like 2 hours away to find one....

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