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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thovick23, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I have a setup in mind for growing indoors......i would like to hear if u think it will grow successful plants!

    I am only going to be growing a single plant. I did some searching online and i saw this system for a good price.


    I was looking at buying that and also getting the nutrients and ph control to go along with it as shown below in the next link.


    I am a first timer so i dont know if thats all i need but i think that would be all besides the light. I was doin some research on the wattage of light i should use for a single plant and i think that a 150W HPS light should do the job. This is what i was thinking about getting.


    I called that company up and they said it was complete with everything and ready to go. So i think with all of these things and a fan for ventallation i should be ready to go. But before i invest the money i wanted to here your opinions on what you think about the setup!

    One last thing that i forgot to ask about is the smell. I live in a two room apartment and my mom stops in like once or twice a month. I was planning on putting my dresser at an angle in the corner and growing it behind that so she can't see it. But i dont know how bad it will stink up the apt. Also i live in a tight complex and i dont want the smell to leak outside. I heard that if you live next to a school fines tripple and im right next to one so i kinda dont wanna get caught if u know what im sayin! Is there a way i can get rid of the smell of the plant??

  2. I dont consider my self an expert but definately a professional. As for the bucket, U can build that shit yourself at a fraction of the cost. Very easily. Second, I have never heard of that nute company before but if u hear good things go for it. Third, HPS is always good and 150w will be more than suitable for one plant. Good luck dude.

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