I need an ash catcher

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  1. So I just got a new bong with triple honeycomb percs and an 8 arm tree perc. It’s a very nice piece and hits very smooth, but obviously with all the percs it gets dirty so I wanted some suggestions on nice easy ash catchers. Also the bong already has some drag on it so I don’t wanna add to that at all.

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  3. It's gonna restrict your airflow. And change how your bong currently hits.

    Just clean your bong every couple days.

    Ash catchers don't keep pieces clean. The owner of the bong keeps his glass clean
  4. I agree with @Eeeeediot - i wouldnt use an ash catcher, in the end no matter what you do its going to get dirty.
  5. It'd be totally fine to use an ash catcher and I think we should maybe try and clear up and ash catcher vs a pre cooler.

    While they are pretty much the same thing, an ash catcher has been built with literally just than in mind; usually a pill bottle shape and it may or may not have a down steam. Its entirely your choice if you want to add water or not. So a dry ash catcher is an ash catcher with no water or down stem in it for future reference.
    Example of an ash catcher

    Where as the function of a precooler is to purposefully aid in the cooling and filtering process. They're built with all kinds of percolators to help you before the smoke even hits the bong. They definitely add more drag but will take the brunt of the hit better than an ash catcher would, meaning the bong would be cleaner for longer with a precooler but with even more drag.
    Example of a precooler

    Or you could just buy a carbon filter adapter...
  6. You can easily clean your piece with 99% alcool, but if you do not want to clean your piece all time I recomend you to smoke oil than flower, it will take less of your time to clean glass.

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