I need allittle help with HPS

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  1. I have a very simple setup right now and it works for now but.,, I need some advice. Right now my system is floro. I want it to be HPS. I plan on getting some cheap (well relatively cheap) HPS lights for lighting the outside of your house. I was wondering if you guys think that 2 70 watt lamps would be enough for 3 plants?

    another question while im at it. How far should those 70 watters be from plants.??

    Thanks for the help
  2. It depends on the amount of space your grow room is the mor watts the better.

    I'd keep em a few inches like 2-4 away from the plants if its to hot for your hand to be there, its too hot for it to be there.
  3. First of all be carefull what lights you buy...make sure they're HPS lights...usually you wouldn't get HPS at 70w.....most common starting size of a HPS is 250w-400w-1000w try this link www.insidesun.com and depending on you're grow space get the light required i use a 400wHPS for a grow space of approx 5' by 5' = 25square feet....just an example to go by.....good luck....Peace out...Sid
  4. I have 2 modified 70 watt HPS lights. they are for porch lights. they come in a little fancy fixture that sucks ass. I modified the lights according to http://www.overgrow.com/faq

    Ok here is the lowdown on my setup I have a small growroom that is 2x2x8. I have 4 plants. I have the plants in 3 gallon pots with houseplant potting soil. I am useing tomato fertilizer. I have the two pendents (70w.HPS) hanging down over them and two ground lights (for outdoors) with spiral compacts (32W each) screwed into them.

    I am going to build a 250 next. I know how to now from redoing the 70 watters. I think the 250 will really bump up the yeild.

    By the way taking lights off a school is stealing and I wouldnt do that but thanks for the advice.
  5. Good luck with the grow ....keep us posted on how things go....Peace out...Sid

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