I need all aspects of the stoner lifestyle.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by XZit, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Well I plan on writing some sort of book/journal on the whole stoner/pothead lifestyle.

    Basically I would start out with a short history of Mary J and what the different types of strains there are. Then I would move onto the different types of stoners there are, and how different types of stoners treat the whole situation of pot.

    So mostly I want a quick synopses (sp?) of how the whole lifestyle works.

    Heres a few questions I have:

    What different types of stoners are there? And how does each one treat pot differently?
    How does a pot head buy their weed? How do they smoke it?
    Where do you get your "smoking devices" and why do you get that specific one? What do you do when you smoke, and why do you do that?

    So basically for everything you say about the stoner lifestyle also include why you do that.

    One example I have: To me pot heads (or being one) is a whole lifestyle situation--getting the pot--and how they get it. There are so many things involved in just obtaining it.
    For me when I go and get pot I drive up to the house all seceret and shit, and turn off the lights and the music in the car, and then I get the shiz and go back into the car and drive away all slowely and shit.

    And all that just in going to a dealers house/place and getting the pot

    So basically I hope you all understand what I"m talking about--I would just like to know every possible aspect of the stoner lifestyle.

    From what kinda different stoners there are
    How everyone smokes their shit (bongs, pipes, e.t.c.), and why they smoke it that way.

    I'm trying to look for connections as well. So for example
    whats the connection between a Hippie smoker smoking out of a pipe--is there even a connection?

    Anyhow I hope you know what I'm saying--just tell me every possible thing you can about the stoner lifestyle. If you have any questions just ask--and maybe someone, or myself can answer it.

  2. .....one thing about my pot head antics, is that i treat my bong with more care than i do with my girlfriend.......same wit my weed.......
  3. mmm...good stuff so far...keep it up.

  4. I'm definately the experience smoker (Jon Stuart) from Half Baked. Doing normal things like playing video games, watching movies, listening to music, or playing guitar are all just so much better when I'm high.

    Also, I have a friend who is all about the ritual. He cares about who packs it, what bowl we use, what direction the bowl moves around in the circle, how many people we smoke with, etc. This is all a contrast to me, cause I don't care how it gets done as long as I get high.
  5. There's the ghetto or urban smoker. there's the neohippy stoner and the overthehill hippy stoner. the metalhead stoner. the skateboard stoner. preppy/jock/frat stoners. little brother stoner, early teens. the medical toker. the cheap ass who never has, but always wants(kinda like snoop in hb). the bad kids in school-stoners, sped etc. the dad stoner, hides it from everyone oh so well. the mom stoner, same as dad. the outdoorsmen toker. I dunno whatelse.
  6. ^^^^lol^^^^
    great stuff.
    Keep it up

  7. I'm hurt, you forgot me!!!!

    The psychopath smoker.
  8. One of the great qualities about marijuana is it brings people from all lifestyles.
  9. Musicians...
    Computer animators...
    All the creatives..artists, etc.
  10. Cool...looking forward to see it.

    Toke on
  11. so basically, you're writing a manual for cops.
  12. be careful not to alter reality man. life can get boring after a weed binge. doing normal things stoned and really liking them and cause you to hate them when not stoned. well some times

  13. dude stop being so fucking paranoid--thats not what I'm doing.


    I can see where you got that idea though, but NO I'm not writing a bloody manual for cops.
    I thought that this would be just a cool thing for us stoners to check out/participate in.
  14. chill guy, who's being paranoid?

    anyhoo.. you want my input, no problem man. me, i just buy through friends and friendly places... it's all about the connections.

    i like to smoke through anything..

    but more than anything i wanna try a hookah with lots of hoses..

    i like joints but i find that nicotine smokers take mouth hits and stall the circular motion of the joint passing. so for smoking with them i smoke with a pipe. also with jays, i never roll pinners. always at least the diameter of a cig. most of the time they're just fat. if you've ever seen those rolling manuals on the net, i roll "magic carpets" when lots of people show up for a session.

    i don't bring my spoon outdoors unless it's a special occasion.

    one hitters are chilll. fuck i can't find mine though. i hid it on purpose and it's working..damn!. different high, i dunno why.

    bongs are for indoors.

    mostly i'll just smoke outta my metal pipe to "try" to conserve ( i do a really bad job of it lol )

    i would never reveal real names of places you frequent or places you buy from. that's the only gripe i had with the idea. i'm writing a book about a few stoners (but it isn't throughout the entire book) too actually but i havn't writeen anything for weeks. just do that one thing.. but we're cool right man?
  15. ah dude we where always cool.
    No its just that I see a shit load of guys on these boards all like "I smell bacon" or "someones a pig" or shit like that...loL!
    It gets irritating after a while. lol Nah where cool.

    Anyhow ya I know what you mean by nicotine smokers staling the J.
    Man when we have the bubbler going my friends fucking hold that thing for at least 20 min+ just talking about stupid random shit.
  16. i dont think buying is part of the lifestyle...

    but i like alternating between smoking with myself and friends...friends are great to party with but being by yourself kicks ass too

    i like smoking out of nice looking, glass pieces because they make the experience better
  17. I'm definately hearing what you're saying. For years I've been interested in the different lifestyles of dakkers. I, myself have been on the buds now for around 10 years, and the weed just keeps on getting better. Over here in NZ there seems to be a preference for indoor, but personally I enjoy a change. I think its something to do with the sativa something, different highs from different strains ie, a cerebral high, a body stone.
  18. All of this sorta passed by me...
  19. Well as far as im conserned there are about three catigories of stoners fast pace slow pace and paranoid.

    Fast pace: they smoke the weed as fast as they can get it dont really care what kind will smoke anywhere and dont care will smoke out of anything not good at stashing weed get caught alot and have no order to things that pertain to smoking and hardly ever smoke alone.

    Slow pace: conserve weed very well considerate to how they smoke where they smoke who they smoke with and what they smoke. Usually smoke weed by themselves in order to conserve and savor the weed. And HATE sloppieness when it comes to weed wheather it be in how you store it or how fast you smoke it or what you smoke out of ect.

    Paranoid: absolutly no fun to smoke with think the world is out to get them have almost no fun just chillin and smokin and are convinced everyone can tell they're high. (ANNOYIND AS FUCK)
  20. There are no categories of stoners, only different kinds of people.

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