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  1. i just moved to a tropical island in Micronesia. i plan on a outdoor grow, but am not too sure what strains to select. i was looking for advice to see what strain you guys might think would best flourish out here. here, its always between 78-89 degrees Fahrenheit, humid as hell, plenty of ocean breezes, lots of sunlight. if your not familiar with with area, its in the northern hemisphere; directly south of Japan, and directly east of the Philippines. What do you suggest?

    P.S. - the local bud is smokin as fuck. $50 a gram. AT LEAST TWICE AS POTENT as ANY bud i ever seen in the states.

  2. then fuck buying seeds, just use the ones you find in your local crop.

    BTW get a new dealer also.
  3. in those conditions, ud be able to grow just about anything you like. thats all gunna be personal preference of what kind of bud u want.

    do you like a couchlock stoned high? or an energetic social high? i sure as hell love the energetic high so if i could i would grow sativa.

    my suggestion is to go onto attitude, and use the seed finder to pick out the strain that best suits your needs/desires

    goodluck and let us know what u end up growin for sure
  4. You'd better go for sativa with your high humidity. I've heard good things about Purple Maroc...that its mold resistant and easy to grow. I grew several strains last season and lost a lot to mold in every strain but my C99. I always recommend it. But I agree with the person who said to grow local strains. The best bud here might not grow well there. The best strains from Amsterdam dot grow as well here as my local strains. It's all about finding what works for you. If you can, grow a variety this season and see what you like.

  5. i havent found any seeds yet. i cant really afford to buy with these prices. i mainly buy prerolled joints. and thats the price everyone ive met out here pays. its a very small island, so its easy for po-po to catch gorilla grows. so local bud is primarily grown in small amounts, and the rest is shipped in from Hawaii .
  6. ^^ ahh, that explains price^^

    go with the attitude for seeds and BTW .. you can grow pretty much any strain you want in those conditions.

    Good luck


    PS keep looking for local seeds.. you never know what will be grown

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