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I need advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alicks, May 11, 2011.

  1. This will be my first time and I barley know anything.

    One of my mates says he can get me a dime of Sour Diesel for $20 is this a good price? I've looked around and seems like most people get a dime of bud for $10-15? But I've also heard that Sour Diesel is some good quality bud.
  2. i wouldnt pay more that $10 for a dime cause thats a ripoff unless theres no other way to get bud. I'd say to try to work him down in price or get a G for $20
  3. yeah man, id only pay $10 for sure. $20 a gram.
  4. Your first time and your gonna smoke sour diesel? You are gona be fucked up bro
  5. $20 a gram is the norm for headies in most places. Don't bother with names though. If it's dank it's dank.
  6. Alright thanks guys, I have $20 to spare ill keep this in mind for next time and try and it get cheaper.

    Tokalo: mhm.. :D
  7. Well considering a dime is strictly 10$ worth of weed you might be getting ripped off. If it weighs out to around 1 gram you'll be good.
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    "a dime" just means 10 dollars worth of weed, thats like the definition of the term... sounds like your friend doesn't know this and is making ten bucks off of you

    becuase a dime in american currency in worth ten cents

    if you spending 20 bucks then you should be getting a "dub"
  9. a dime of sour diesel is $20,
    a Dime is a gram (Roughly)
    $20 a gram is the usual price for exotic.
    So that is the average price,
    Sour diesel is fucking awesome, I bought and Ounce of that like 2 months ago,
    I smoked that in like 2 days,
    Highest I've ever been.
  10. Ask him to weigh it. Seeing as you're an apprentice, it's almost for sure someones going to try to rip you off.
  11. This is not advice this is a question.

  12. A dime can also mean a gram, and a dub 2 grams.
  13. My opinion, since it's your first time is to ask your mate if he knows anyone else that can get you more quantity for your $20 than a dime of sour...
    Maybe you could get 3+ grams for $20 of some perfectly fine seedless mids that will still get you blazed and quite a few more times at that.
  14. Things are getting a bit cleared up, he did say it would be a gram and some of you are saying that would be ok so a "dime" is a $10 bag?, I need to look around at some of the stickied threads ><

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