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  1. So to make a long story short, im in the friend zone. It really sucks. Like this girl is one of my closest friends. I've told her before that i like her, but nothing really changed. I don't know what to do. Shes breaking up with her boyfriend tomorrow, for about the 400th time. Hopefully this will be the last time. So does anybody have any advice on how to get out of the friend zone/make her like me?
  2. Too late. Move on.

    She probably enjoys being treated badly and enjoys the drama of being in a stormy relationship, and has no interest in actual stability.
  3. It probably is too late. Moving on is going to be the hard part.
  4. i hate bitches like that.

    first off... friends shouldn't date or sleep around because it does make things awkward. girls that will keep dating the same dude but break up all the time need to shit or get off the pot. she is obviously going to be all about him waiting for him to change or thinks she can't do better.
  5. Move on. If it hasn't happened yet, it's not going to.
  6. Freeze yourself out, let her talk to you. Dont make yourself so available.
  7. Just curious, is she really worth this type of drama? Do you really want to be her 401st, 402nd, 403rd, 404th, and 405th breakup?

    Sorry, sounds like too much drama there. Sounds like she rides the fence more than anything(or anyone) else...
  8. Stop treating her how you treat her now. Nuff said.
  9. forgot to mention he boyfriend is moving to cali the end of next month. so im trying to decide if its worth waiting
  10. ^^This. Some people aren't happy unless there is drama. Really, if she was with a guy who appreciated her what would she have to complain to her friends about???
  11. Move on not worth it.
  12. Move on. You won't get her. theirs tons more women out their ;z
  13. You messed up the second you said "make her like me." Women do have free will, by the way. They are allowed to say no, and you're allowed to not like it.

    Best advice: Move on and stop trying to make people like you. In the end that gets you into a bunch of drama. Figure out who you are, and find the girl that knows and likes that person. Wasting time on an idea can be the worst thing.
  14. The delusional hope you have of a relationship is exactly how you feel you should be treated. People that have self-respect don't pine after others that are clearly emotionally unavailable, they strike out and find someone that actually wants them back. It's a hard pill to swallow but looking at who we trick ourselves into loving is the best key to understanding self and how little we truly understand of love.

    Being in the "friend zone" is never the problem, looking at who we are and what we present can be. I know it's the easiet thing to say, that there are other women in the world but no statement could be more true. Finding someone to love us back as we need to be loved, as we deserve to be loved takes time, sacrifice, and the ability to look passed what we perceive as easy opportunities to what makes us happy.

    Good luck yo and stay green.
  15. wow dude thanks.

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