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i need advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by liid, May 25, 2009.

  1. when i smoke with a group of people (which is most of the time) i tend to be the quite one barely talking and its really annoying. idk why i get like this when i smoke even when im with close friends.
    sometimes i can go a whole session without saying a word. WHen im sober im usually somewhat talkative but when i smoke its like i just dont know what to say. ive been smoking for almost 2 years now and i smoke about 2 or 3 times a day.. ive been thinking about stopping for a little and starting again to see if that changes anything.

    does anyone know why this happens or what i should do about this because i really dont want to just stop smoking hah
  2. Wow man the same thing happens to me, I think that if I say the wrong thing they might get mad at me so I just either stay quiet or say a bunch of stupid stuff
  3. yeeeah it sucks.. some of my friends actually get mad at me cause im "not acting retarded"
    im thinking stopping for a week or 2 might do something but i have no idea
  4. I am the complete opposite, I usually make everybody laugh and trip out. It's probably because the energy drinks I drink during smoking :) try an enerygy drink after smoking.
  5. hahaha ill try that..the only thing is i dont think im gonna be wantin to buy energy drinks whenever im smoking cause that shits expensive haha but thanks i guess
  6. i would take a diff perspective at looking at ur situation. Maybe, when you smoke, you are being more thoughtful. You are probably just thinking about what you say more, and I bet that the things you say are meaningful and have a purpose. I don't think it is a problem, in fact i think it could help you in your normal life.
    However, if you are so inclined, just practice talking when your blazed. Smoke alone and read a book out loud, smoke with your friends and tell them a story. Practice makes permanent so, since you are conscious of the fact you don't talk much when blazed, it should not be too hard to begin changing it.
    Good luck man.
  7. Stop getting so paranoid. Don't worry about not talking or finding something to say. Just focus on the conversation and something to say WILL come to your mind. Mind over matter man, handle your high with confidence, ride the weed, dont let the weed ride you, and lastly just have fun with life and dont let little things like this worry you, there are much more important matters for your future. Stop smoking if you feel that will be the best for you. Think to the future because tomorrow becomes yesterday in a half blink of the eye.

  8. i think that your rightcause im just thinking of something to say instead of just talking and being part of whats going on.

    so am i just being paranoid of being too quite and when its on my mind it just happens?
  9. haha same shit happens to me. I guess its really more who im around, the closer the friends the more talkitive I am. When it comes to new people im usually much more quiet.
  10. Seems so. If you expect to be a certain way while you are high then you tend to become that way when you are high. The best advice is usually the simplest, thats why you should just take it easy while youre with your good friends blazing it up.
  11. thanks this all makes a little more sense now.
    ill try getting in a different mindset or something next time i blaze with some friends

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