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  1. People of grasscity, I come to you for advice. This is not a question about marijuana, but more about hair style and head accessories. I know this is not the place, but no one goes anywhere else on these forums and stoner logic as I have come to know it is awesome. This'll be one of few times I ever post a subject on the wrong board, but I need your help.

    I have an afro and a pair of aviator sunglasses. If I put'em on, I look like Hyde from the 70s show. However, as cool as it is, My hair has been driving me nuts, its been torturing me; it looks like crap in the morning, it frizzes out part way through the day and nothing can tame it. I'm sick of it and I wanna shave it off to a nice buzz cut. However, I'm worried that if I set my hair free from my scalp, I cant pull off aviators anymore until it grows back. I know it'll just grow back, but its the first week of college starting this coming tuesday, and I've kinda met a girl so you know :cool:

    Do aviators work with a shaved head (not bald), or do you need to rocking the fro?
  2. wow i dont even know what aviators are....maby im the 1 missing something:rolleyes:
  3. nah man i rock aviators with all my hairstyles it they are pretty much the only sunglasses i ware they rock hard my dude fuck stuna shades!
  4. Nah man you dont need a fro (i got one) but I think you could pull it off with a buzz.
  5. first off, youre far to concerned with your image. that being said, i have quite the lengthly curly hair, and i used to wear aviators when i wore contacts all the time. when i shaved my head and wore them, i got compliments all up and down the block. it depends on your face im sure, but i even got refered to as brad pitt-esque. im not sure if thats a compliment. but im sure youll find some shades that suit you fine.

    now with that said, dont cut your hair off. stay in bed and grow your hair!
  6. i dont know what '' aviators'' are either ?:cool:
  7. Aviators are manglasses.
  8. I've got long hair, a beard, a pair of aviators and a headband

    Combined...I am Richie Tenenbaum


  9. aviators are those big cop sunglasses, named because pilots used to wear them back in the day. hope that helps?

  10. if you werent a mass-hole, id totally want to chill with you.
  11. Aviators are the hard ass cop shades u always seem them wearing.. But if you really want to know, take a pic of your self wearing them, put the pic in photo shop or MS paint and cut your hair off and see how it looks...
  12. Keep the hair, man. You'll regret not having it, and there may come a day when you won't be able to have long hair for one reason or another.

    Trust me.
  13. I want to grow my hair out.. But I usually have pretty short hair and when it gets medium-long length I start to get like a damn mullet everytime... Idk...

    Anyway aviators are the shit.. Only sunglasses I wear.. I used to have a fucking pimp ballin pair .. Ray ban from Hawaii.. They were green mirror shades with gold... Damn they were cool.. They got destroyed in a wreck I was in...

    RIP Ray Ban Sunglasses... :(

    I went out and bought a cheap pair of aviators and they work awesome so it's all good.. But I'll never have a pair like those again.. So expensive...
  14. [quote name='Weebie']I want to grow my hair out.. But I usually have pretty short hair and when it gets medium-long length I start to get like a damn mullet everytime... Idk...

    you gotta get past the mullet part. theres a long time when growing your hair out that it looks like crap. just gotta bare with the shit to get to the gold!
  15. This is the ultimate hair truth

    Those times will be rough. There's no doubt about it. But when it's good, it's good.
  16. if i could grow a fro i totally would! i would get an afro pick and everything. rock that shit yo! get a headband or something some glasses maybe a pair of disko boots.
  17. [​IMG]

    ^ Aviator sunglasses. No, that is not me. :p
  18. Exactamundo.

    Dude, cut the fro. Truuuuuuust me.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. who cares dood, buzz it, try it out.. hair grows back.

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