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I Need Advice....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by catoker, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. k so I've been smokin for a while and I always used my brother to get my stuff and he gets it through his friend and so I gave him like $40 worth and its been almost two weeks and he still hasn't gotten it and its really frustrating :mad: so what should I do?
  2. its your brothers friend? what a fuck. Tell your brother to get better friends.
  3. number one rule of buying: don't ever front cash. I know it's your brother and you trust him, but some things are out of his control.

    fronting cash almost never works out bro.
  4. true that. Once they have the money, what do you have that would make them want to come back?
  5. A can of whoopass if they didn't bring me weed or my money.

    Then again, I would never front cash for anything, so that scenario would never happen. ;)
  6. I know I usually never pay up front but I was like well its my brother so I figured I could trust him.....guess not
  7. In drug no one
  8. It's not your brother, it's his friend, and I think your brother needs an ass kicking to get him in gear. Then he needs to go find his buddy and get that money or the weed.
  9. Ask your brother about it?
  10. Ya well I told him to get it by sunday because I'm suppose to be going to warped tour or to get me my money then I stole his lighter for pay back lol so let's hope he gets it
  11. He stole $40 from you, but


    alright!! Now you can spark that bowl of the bud you don't have!
  12. It wasn't for me to use it was his nice zippo that he loves its so like he actually has motivation to get it
  13. Yeah, never front like that

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