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I need advice; twenty-years since...

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by ciderman, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. I don’t think that I got ‘em all, as I note one msg deleted? In reading the Guidelines, is “pharmaceuticals” within the purview of my sins? Or should I read the Guidelines once more?

  2. Bro you can't talk about any other drugs only alcohol weed and tobacco, even if the drugs are given by your doctor and are legal
  3. Yes, late 1950’s as an intro, serious in mid-1960’s through 1987, maybe. A few times in 1990’s, just a roller, ya know.

    I was reading the actual state-by-state laws and Arkansas (but one state between us) has great medicinal plans.

    I am a native of La Jolla/San Diego County and our jollies were Mexican - very powerful and cheap; the border agents were more concerned about vegetables than cannabis back then.

    I need to find out what this vaping is. For now, I’ll keep rolling until my bong arrives.

    Thanks so much for outing yourself as an old fart - I remain, as always,

    Perhaps the Oldest Fart
  4. Yes, I see that. I should have read the group guidelines, first! My fault entirely, road to hell, good intentions and all that, ya know.

    I believe that many more folks, like me, will come to look to cannabis as a pain reliever; and that these folks may be internet-savvy and find forums like this. They, too, will be in need of education. I just hope that they’re brighter than me and will read the Group Guidelines, first.
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  5. @ciderman
    For medical applications look no further then BadKats very extensive thread on edibles.
    I control my own medical issue with cannabis and have for many years now.
    While smoking did alleviate my symptoms getting up every 45-90 minutes all night long was getting old.
    A serious lung infection kept me from smoking for a month and I thought I was gonna die that first week before I got my edibles ironed out.
    A fat bud decarbed and covered in Coconut oil and nuked till it was hot. Crude but hey it got me stoned and took the screaming edge off my pain and I really never smoked again after that.
    So much stronger and longer lasting. An evening dose of oil lasts me all night. A morning dose will hold me most of the day too.
    BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    My thread is shorter but the ratios and times and temps are exactly the same.
  6. As far as screens are concerned, I swear by glass flower screens. They fit right in the hole of the bowl and you don't have to fidget with them like you do metal ones. You can get them on Amazon.
    And $125 a quarter?!? I can get an ounce for that and have change.

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  7. WOOHOOO ROAD TRIP !!!!!!!!
    TTS did a mad dash in your direction and never came back

  8. I love it. Prices are coming down nicely here. $100 oz are a lot more common. Everyone is growing and nobody is buying. Even the dispensaries are running $5 gram specials all the time.
  9. Excellent suggestions - although you completely lost me with the ‘fat bud decarbed...” I know all about carb holes on bongs (my grasscity water pipe will be here Tuesday!) and I assume by nuked you mean microwaved? I was 7 or 18 when I had my first hash brownies... one summer’s Saturday night. I awoke and somehow remembered that I had a brunch-zoo-dinner-sexy that day, Sunday. Yes, this was college, so 17 or 18 could be right.

    We were spoiled with hash back then but had no idea of the weed we got - that crap wouldn’t go through today’s grinders because a bud was rare and you might clean your weed with a “Mary Gin,” to get rid of the ‘twigs and seeds.’

    I genuinely need pain relief for my hands during the day and giving me the expectation of being able to allow me to sleep. I have a couple of recommendations that I hope to gather other’s opinions on.

    I’m gonna check joint out... thanks for the mention.
  10. Yeah, I’ve been struggling with ‘screens that do not fit’ for almost one week. Amazon is the number one recipient of my monthly pensioner’s funding.

    I can’t find anyone in my locale selling a full ounce of anything for $125... and now that I’m getting strain(s)-spefic, I’m seeing $360/30g prices. I, obviously, can’t afford that but two ¼’s of something similar? $180 for ½, yeah I could afford that.

    Thanks for the suggestions - I tend to be a real prick but I’m not ashamed to be stupid and everyone here has been so nice that I can envision a GROUP HUG in the future.
  11. If I can work out a few things I might be able to return ‘home’ in the near future.
  12. He go to assist the individual we discussed a while back?
  13. Being a military brat and having grown up on base with the pattern of relocation every few years, I never felt a sense of home. Lived here in the Gump since I was a preteen but familiarity doesn't translate to a warm fuzzy feeling, more a hopeless resignation to fate.
  14. If you're going to be using for medical purposes over a long term period, I can't more highly recommend reading into growing and planning a stealth grow to keep you supplied with low cost medicine.

    Just use common sense and tell no-one; not even us here on GC. Smell, abnormal electricity bill, and word of mouth are the three biggest reasons why people get their grow ops busted.


    Also, vaporizers are a bit of an investment up front, but long term they will save you stupid amounts of money and conserve your medicine jar like nothing else will. Plus, if you save the AVB, you can use it later for extracts and edibles. So it's like you get to smoke your medicine and then eat it too.
  15. Like the term "have your cake and eat it too?" Who wants cake if you can't eat it.

    So so smoke your weed then make it into cake that you can eat too!
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