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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by D-LUX, Feb 28, 2015.

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  1. i have a friend over and we really wanna smoke but were not sure if we should smoke inside or outside. its like -10 outside and were afraid were  gonna get caught but if we smoke inside there could be more of a chance of getting caught.I NEED ADVICE QUICK, PLEASE!!!!
    for information we are using a joint

  2. Unless you have a clutch window or attic space, your 2 best bets are going outside or locking yourself in the bathroom with the shower and fan on. Joints are probably the worst thing next to blunts you can smoke inside if you're trying to be stealthy.
  3. I would smoke outside, only because there's a lesser chance of getting caught.
  4. just go outside a joint is super quick to smoke
  5. Outside in wicked cold temperatures might seem sketchy. Lock yourself in the bathroom with the fan on and window open, or go to your attic/cellar

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  6. Smoking a joint inside is worst decision to make for stealth. Go in the garage
  7. I would rather just get caught. That's too damn cold.
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    -10c!? That's warm where I am from. Suck it up imo. Think of how warm it will be when you go back inside.
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    I know im late but if you haven't smoked yet this should help. Just make a sploof (paper towel carboard roll with dryer sheets stuffed inside) and exhale through it when you hit it, also take a sweater and take it off as soon as you get back inside, put on another one or take a shower. Also one more tip, blow the direction the wind is going so it doesn't get on you.
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    We ended up emptying the joint and fashioning a pipe and we used a sploof to blow the hits out the window. Thank you for all the advise :)
    and of course we didnt get caught
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