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I'm new so am I doing ok? Can I go back too 24/7 light ? Are they doing ok for autoflowers

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  1. So my plants went in the ground 16 days ago and there under a 600 watt hps their is eleven of them started in fox farm ocean and kept 24/7 lights on them up until last week now they go off at sun down and on at sun up..I'm transferring them outdoors my question is am I doing anything wrong? There on 3 Rd node and about 5 inches tall

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  2. They look like they're stretching for the light a bit more than I'd want mine to so if you're going to keep them indoors you may want to lower the light.

    Your survey question suggests that they're autoflowers. Are they? If so, do whatever you feel like with the lighting, but don't change it all the time -pick one light schedule and stick to it. Autoflowers can go hermaphroditic pretty easily, and all plants can go hermaphroditic if you stress them out too much -by changing the light schedule multiple times, for example.

    I've grown three autos indoors, and they received the same lighting that my photoperiod plants did, even though they started flowering during 18/6 lighting. Anecdotally, I've heard that autos produce the most weight when a conventional lighting schedule is used -18/6 for veg and around the third or fourth week, the grower started noticing some stretching so he changed to 12/12.
  3. Thanks! The plan is to move them outdoors in perfect spot for 12 hours of light I was thinking once they reach about a foot with good health I'll dig a huge hole line it with my ocean forest mix with existing soil ,marine cuisine,and azomite trace minerals then check on em a few times a week ..any experience on autos outdoors? These are fast buds autos
  4. Also they have been on 18/6 for three weeks with they still veg if I switch to 12/12 by going outdoors
  5. Autos do better under longer hours of light, the longer the better i have heard.

    Only flowered one myself and i did it under 20 hours of light a day until harvest
  6. Autoflowers have a predetermined life span -they only live a certain number of days so you can't 'extend' their life by 'vegging' for longer. This means that 12/12 won't cause them to flower -they'll begin to flower automatically, regardless of how many hours of light they receive, after about 3-4 weeks from the seed popping.

    Their predetermined lifespan is significant for a second reason. Every time they are stressed out, they spend energy trying to recovery from that stress. Since they only live a predetermined number of days, they essentially have a set amount of energy. They could spend that energy getting big or building big colas, or they could spend that energy recovering from stress. Transplanting causes stress. It's best to start autoflowers in their final pot/in the ground if want to grow them in the ground.

    If you want my opinion, move them outside whenever you feel like it, but do not transplant them into the ground. Continue growing them in their current pots.

    And yes, I do have some experience growing autos outdoors -I'm growing one in a three gallon pot on my balcony right now.
  7. Is two gallons big enough for final transplant ..that's what there in now
  8. Your yield obviously won't be as much as if they had been planted straight in the ground from seed, but two gallon pots are fine.

    Who knows? If you end up transplanting them into the ground, post back at harvest, and let us know how it worked out.
  9. Thanks for all the help ! I reckon after every harvest you learn what to do better and what you did wrong ! I'm moving them outdoors this weekend I'll keep everyone posted ! Thanks again
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