I need advice!! pc fans for wardrobe closet

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    Hi everyone,
    This week I'm heading to Ikea for a cheap $99 wardrobe closet to modify for growing 2 plants in it. The dimensions are, Width: 31 7/8 " Depth: 19 5/8 " Height: 70 7/8 " I wont be using more than 250watts in lighting. With this size closet can I get away with using 1 or 2 120mm pc fans for exhaust & have a intake hole underneath the closet ? Will that be good enough to circulate the air ?

    Thanks, Eric

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  2. For real, spend the few extra bucks and order a grow tent. They all have ports for ducting/cords, hangers for lights and whatnot.
  3. Recently I purchased a grow tent on impulse, the dimensions are only 16" x 16" x 48" it's ok but to be honest i need more room. I can't hang the reflector I have & want to use when it's time for flowering. My plant is already 2 weeks old so i figure i have roughly 2 to 3 weeks before i want to start flowering. I don't want a second tent. I want to use a piece of furniture. Tent is out of the question !!

    Please lets get back to the question at hand. The fans !! Would 120mm to 180mm fans be good for intake & exhaust ??

    Thanks, Eric
  4. Yeah either sized fan would work well, the bigger the fan size the more air that is drawn out of the cabinet. When you choose a bigger option the noise is lower too, so best option is 180mm.

    You might end up needing to replace the fan every so often, cos the bearings can start to make noises after a while! Unless you dont mind the sound lol !

    A good idea is to go online to a pc hardware shop and look out for the fans CFM rating, the higher the number the more air circulation out of the box :)
  5. I was checking out yate loon fans. whatcha think about 62 cubic feet per minute ? Also would I need a matching fan to blow cool air in from the bottom of wardrobe closet or just have a hole underneath ?

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