I need advice on some genetics

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  1. Genetics:

    6 Larry OG Cali Connection
    6 Skywalker Kush Reserva Privade
    5 Triple Cheese
    5 Cookies Kush

    4 Cheese Autoflo
    3 Sweet Coffee Rider Autoflo

    Which onese suit SOG or SCROG the best ? Which ones are sensitive to super cropping ?

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    Wouldn't you be able to find that information from whoever you got your seeds/clones from?
    With so much lineage being crossed these days, and indica hybrid may grow tall like a sativa.... and a sativa hybrid may grow short and bushy like an indica.  
    If you can trace the lineage of each plant, you may be able to have an idea of what it'll grow like.  for example:  Grandaddy Purple is Big Bud x Purple Urkle..... and if you know how Big bud and purple grow then you may be able to understand how the cross will grow....even though the same genotype can result in different phenotypes.
    I'd imagine the Cookies Kush is girl scout cookies, which is a triple hybrid, crossed with whatever type of kush.  
    Hope that provides some guidance!

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