I need advice on a rolling machine...

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  1. I like to smoke joints and blunts on occasion. I don't know how to roll (I probably will eventually learn) and I just want something that is easy and rolls nice joints. What should I buy? I'm willing to buy a cheap one or something a little more fancy.

    Also, what are the ups and downs of rolling machines?:smoking:

  2. I would say theres no reason for a rolling machine, buy some rolling tobacco and just practice and learn.
  3. i also like the occasional joint, so i got a zigzag rolling machine for like $2. rolls nice j's, but you won't be able to roll blunts with it. there's no need to spend more than $3 on one.

    of course everyone on here will probably tell you to just learn how to roll. but i smoke maybe one joint a month, so a rolling machine was perfect for me.
  4. I have a little JOB one that cost $3 at a gas station

    it does the job and its fast
    but I know how to roll, they're just all around good to have.

    the more "fancy" ones are a rip imo

  5. get a 100mm zig zag rolling machine. perfect size for j's, and big enough to roll the occasional blunt. I actually got mine off ebay. heres a link: Zig Zag 100 MM Cigarette roller rolling machine ZIGZAG - eBay (item 150347317555 end time Jun-21-09 09:34:39 PDT)

    The ups: perfect roll every time, quick, easy
    the downs: carrying the roller around can be annoying but other than that, nothing

    hope this helped.
  6. search for "Zen the art of smoking" rolling box

  7. Thanks guys, that was helpful. + rep:D
  8. This is badass! I want one
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    Holy shit thats tight.. http://tinyurl.com/nyluhx For anyone thats interested..... i sure am :smoke:
  10. wow. im a roller, but that box is sick as hell lol, i borderline want one.
  11. blunt machines shouldnt be more than 6 and j machines shouldnt be more than 4
  12. What stores can you buy rolling machines from? My friend said to go to the tobacco aisle at wal mart and ask for one, but the lady said they only had rolling tobacco and not the machines. So what stores carry them, and are they behind the counter or usually on a shelf somewhere? Thanks.
  13. Apparently you can find them at certain gas stations. That's all I really know. I'm getting one this weekend so I'll let ya know.:)

  14. Nevermind all that crap, I got one at a choice earlier today. Good luck in your hunt:hello:
  15. I tried and tried to roll joints but never could. i even tried with tobacco aot but couldn't do it for some reason. I bought a TOP's little rolling gadget at a circle K and it was tough to roll them at first but now its really fast and easy plus they resemble cigarettes.
    I would get one. Its worth the $2.00
  16. Yep any manual cig roller from a gas station/corner store shouldnt cost you more then $5.
    they roll perfect cigarette looking joints, real good if you need to roll a lot in a short ammount of time
  17. I got a zen roller (not the metal kind). It works well.:hello:
  18. head shops have rollers.

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